NO STAFF!? Tomato Shops at Japan’s countryside (22 March 2015)



I found an interesting tomato shop at Ibusuki City, Japan.
There is no staff attending the shop.

Cheap and Fresh

It is very cheap. 4 tomatoes for only 200 yen.
The ordinal price is about 500 yen at Japanese department stores.
Those tomatoes are grown by local farmers. So, they are very fresh!
In addition to tomatoes, there are many vegetables are sold at No-Staff shops.


“No-Staff” Culture in Japan

Japan is a safe country. Japanese people are honest and polite.
Nobody steals those tomatoes. All customers them put coins into the box.
I have been to several foreign countries, but I have never seen these type of shops.
I am very proud of this Japanese culture and mutual trust between people.


Japanese vegetables

If you watch the movie, you will notice there are photos of farmers who harvested those tomatoes.
Recently many farmers have started to put their photos and names on the labels of vegetables.
By doing this, customers can trust the quality of the vegetables.

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