“TAMANOI” – oldest well in Japan – (Ibusuki City)



The oldest Japanese well is said to be locatd in Kaimon town of Ibusuki City, Kagoshima, Japan.


Umisachihiko & Yamasachihiko

Long long time ago. This is the story when Gods ruled Japan.

Ninigi was the first God who landed on Japan and ruled the nation. He had two sons.

Older brother was Umisachi-hiko and younger brother was Yamasachi-hiko.

Umisachi-hiko was good at fishing and cherished his fishing pole, while Yamasachi-hiko was good at hunting and cherished his arrow.

One day they exchanged their tresures at the request of Yamasachi-hiko.

However, Yamasachi-hiko lost the fish hook.

Yamasachi-hiko aplogized Umisachi-hiko for the loss of fish hook, but Umisachi-hiko got very angry and didn’t allowe Yamasachi-hiko.

Yamasachi-hiko explored to the sea world in search for the fish hook.



It is said that there had been the Palace of Sea Dragon in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

A princess of the castle used to drew water at the old well “Tamanoi” which is located at Kaimon District of Ibusuki City.

Tamanoi is known as the oldest well in Japan.


While Yamasachi-hiko searched the fish hook, he happened to meet Princess Toyotama.

Following picture depitcs how they met at Tamanoi.


青木繁『わだつみのいろこの宮』 出典: wikipedia

The surrounding area of Tamanoi is called “Ogankao” which means “see faces (of each other)”.

The father of the princess Toyotama was the Ocean King of the palace. The king treat Yamasachi-hiko with lots of delicious foods and beautiful dance.

Yamasachi-hiko and Princess Toyotama loved each other. The vallery near Tamanoi is called “Mukoiri-dani” which means “the valley to marry”.

The couple built a palace and they got a male baby. The baby was Ugayafukiaezu or the father of the first Japan’s emperor.


Yamasachi-hiko remembered the fishing hook 3 years after he lived at sea world.

Ocean King ordered all sea animals to search for the fishing hook. Yamasachi-hiko successfully retrieved the hook.

Before Yamasachi-hiko return to the land, Ocean King gave him two sacred balls.

Umisachi-hiko continued to ignore Yamasachi-hiko, but when Yamasachi-hiko used the balls, the big flood occured and almost drawn Umisachi-hiko.

Umisachi-hiko pledged his loyalty to Yamasachi-hiko.


Photo of Tamanoi


When I visited the oldest well, the beautiful morning sunlight was casting on the well.



I took the photo of beautiful Kaimon from the Tamanoi.

Kaimon Mountain





  • Car…Drive along Route 226 southward from Kagoshima City to Ibusuki City and turn right at Iwamoto Crossroad.
  • JR Train…walk 5 minutes from JR Kaimon Station

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