Explore Kagoshima Airport! : Exciting Flight Simulation & Relaxing Foot Bath



We saw off our friends heading for Tokyo at Kagoshima Airport. We also enjoyed taking videos of airplanes and playing flight simulation game, which we found it very exciting!


Domestic Terminal

We saw off our friend at the departure gate of 2nd floor. After that, we enjoyed walk around the floor. You can see various souvenirs at 2nd floor of the domestic terminal as you watch in the following video.

Those souvenirs include Sweet Potato, Shochu, Satsuma-age (fried fish paste) and Satsuma-kiriko (curved glass). If you have a time before the departure time, why not walk around those shops? You can taste some of those foods for free at some shops.

There are several restaurants on the 3rd floor of Domestic Terminal. 


From the 3rd floor, we went outside to observatory deck.


Airplanes of Kagoshima Airport

We enjoyed wathing of airplanes landing and taking off at the roof-top of Kagoshima Airport (KOJ).

On that day, our old friend left for Tokyo and we saw him off at the roof-top. We miss him but we hoped he would have a bright future at new place. Following video shows ANA (JA8947) (my friend boarded her) was leaving Kagoshima Airport.

Following video shows another ANA (JA70AN) )is taxing down the airplane field.

Watching beautiful shape of airplane made us forget time’s elapse. We felt as if we traveled by ourselves in spite of the fact the we came to Kagoshima Airport just to see off our friend. 🙂

ANA Wings (JA305K) is leaving the Kagoshima Airport at the following video.

Following video shows JAL (JA308J) leaving Kagoshima Airport.

There are several kinds of airplanes of different flight companies. Which company do you like the best? Following is my favorite airplane Jet Star (JA08JJ). I love its shape.

Sky Mark is landing on Kagoshima Airport at the following video. I think it is terribly difficult to take landing moments of airplane. I have to improve my video-taking technique.

Solaseed Air (JA811X) is landing on Kagoshima Airport at the following video.


Display Room of Kagoshima Airport

After we saw off our friend and enjoyed watching airplanes, we took a bried break at the display room of Kagoshima Airport. You can learn many things about airplanes at the room. Following video introduces airplane history from Light brothers and space ship.

It is astonishing that airplane has evolved so much only 100 years!


Flight Simulation Game (Exciting!)

We found an interesting game at the display room. You can experience the pilot of airplane. Firstly, my wife tried the game. (1 time for 100 yen)

My wife tried a flight from Kagoshima Airport to Amami Airport. Surprisingly enough, she ignored the Amami Airport and kept heading for south. Maybe she loves southern tropical weather of Okinawa…

I took a flight from Amami Airport to Kagoshima Airport. I thought my flight technique would be much better than my wife. But…

What a calamity! 


Hot Spring at Airport!?

There is a free foot bath for public in front of domestic terminal. Kagoshima is famous for natural hot springs. 

There is a black Mt. Sakurajima statue in the middle of the bath. Why is the Sakurajima statue black? I think that it is because Kagoshima is famous for black pork, black beef, black beef and many BLACK things.

I took the bath on 9th January 2016, just after new year. The airport was full of people  and so was this foot bath. Many people were enjoying taking foot bath. 

The open hour of the bath is from 9:00 to 16:30.


International Terminal

We took the video of international terminal. We walked from entrance to the 3rd floor, where you can see many airplanes landing and taking off.

Entrance producers are conducted at the 1st floor. Departure gate is located at the second floor.


Access to Kagoshima Airport

Shuttle bus is available to Kagoshima City and other main cities of Kagoshima Prefecture.(in 10-20 minutes interval)

Shuttle Bus Time Table


Your wonderful trip starts from here!


Nice Cafe near Kagoshima Airport

5 to 10 minutes by foot. There is a cafe which is popular among local people!

Rojiura Cafe

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