Bagel Factory “Rojiura Cafe” : Popular Restaurant near Kagoshima Airport (Kirishima City)



We visited the popular cafe “Rojiura Cafe”. The cafe is very close to the Kagoshima Airport. If you come to the airport, please drop by the cafe before you start or end your Kagoshima trip. The bagel is just delicious! The cafe is the good place for both lunch and dinner.


Place of Rojiura Cafe

The name of the cafe “Rojiura” literally means “back street” in Japanese language. It is a bit difficult to find the cafe because the cafe is really at the back street. 

Please find the following signboard after enter into the parking lot of Mizobe Souvenir Hall “Yokodero”(溝辺町物産館「よこで~ろ」).

(The following Google Map indicates the place of the Souvenir Hall)

Signboard of “Rojiura Cafe”

路地裏カフェ 看板

We finally arrived at the Rojiura Cafe after seeing off my friend at Kagoshima Airport.


Kyushu Highway runs just behind of the cafe.

路地裏カフェ 高速道路



Menu of Rojiura Cafe

Lunch Menu

ランチメニュー 路地裏カフェ

Following table is the translation of the above menu. You can take out bagel sands.

Beef Curry Rice (1,000 yen) including soup, salad, drink and dessert.

Chicken Bagel Sand (Soy Source Flavor)

(850 yen including soup, salad, drink and dessert) (350 yen for just bagel sand)

Fried Chicken with Vinegar and Tartar Sauce (1,000 yen) including soup, salad, drink, dessert.

You can increase the amount of rice, chicken, salad and soup for 150 yen.

Bagel Sand of Cheese Bacon & Tomato & Lettuce

(950 yen including soup, salad, drink and dessert) (350 yen for just bagel sand)


Bagel French Toast with Mixed Berries

(850 yen including soup, salad and drink)

(600 yen including drink) (500 yen including drink)


Following menu is for dessert.

スイーツメニュー 路地裏カフェ

Those drinks are very cute. 

ドリンクメニュー 路地裏カフェ


Atmosphere of Cafe

Hand-made groceries are sold at the entrance of the cafe. We felt very relaxed as if you are at home.

雑貨 路地裏カフェ

雑貨 路地裏カフェ


There are some places for small kids. It is very convenient for mothers who takes their children.


Many Moomin Characters appears in the glasses and other many goods of the cafe. 

ムーミン 路地裏カフェ

Maybe store staff loves the Moomins.

The zodiac of year 2016 is Monkey. It is interesting that a small cute monkey sits on the bagels instead of new year rice cake.

猿 ベーグル 路地裏カフェ


Fried Chicken with Vinegar and Tartar Sauce

We paid extra 150 yen and increased the amount of fried chickens, rice and salad. The amount is suitable for me since I am a man and eat a lot. The source is made of plenty of eggs and make the sourness of vinegar mild. Not only adults but children would like the lunch set.


Salad’s dressing is flavored with Japanese plum. Coleslaw is a bit sour and is my very favorite.

Once put it in your mouth, you will at a loss for words. I cannot stop moving my chopsticks! (Spoon and folk are also available at the cafe)


Bagel Sand (Cheese Bacon, Tomato & Lettuce)

The special bagel is made by the cafe staff. Texture is very chewy and nice! I read in the cafe brochure later that the bagel is made of bread flour in Hokkaido. Once the sand is delivered the crispy flavor of the cheese strongly stimulated my appetite. Thick big bacon makes me happy and satisfied me.


The price of the bagel sand is only 350 yen (just the sand only). We quickly fished eating it because it was very delicious. You can also have soup, salad, drink and dessert with the sand if you pay 950 yen.


Home-made Chiffon Cake

The cake is served with Fried Chicken with Tartar Source as a dessert.

The taste of the cake varies everyday. We could choose the tastes from plain, milk tea and coffee on that day. We order Milk Tea flavor.

Oh my god! The cake is so soft! I have never experienced such softness in my life!

シフォンケーキ チキン南蛮のデザート

Black pudding is flavored with black sesame. I ate all of them at a instance!


Bagel French Toast (Mixed Berries)

My wife especially loves the bagel which is cinnamon flavored. Eggs soaked with bagel abundantly and very soft and chewy.

ベーグルのフレンチトースト ミックスベリー

The unique texture of the bagel surprised and satisfied with my wife and me. We had it as a dessert, but it is voluminous and good as a lunch, too.

I ordered Honey Latte (Hachimitsu-Rate) for drink.

ハニーラテ 路地裏カフェ

The taste is very mild because of honey. Also, we think that the coffee taste is elegant and cafe staff is particular about coffee.

My wife ordered milk chocolate.

みるくココア 路地裏カフェ

The latte art of the chocolate drink is beautiful! The chocolate drink is not too sweet and it is nice to have it with sweet dessert.


Movies of Rojiura Cafe

I hope you enjoy and watch following videos of Rojiura Cafe and feel the pleasant atmosphere of the cafe. 

Bagel Hamburger of thick & juicy bacon. Absolutely yum!

Fried chicken is flavored with delicious Tartar source made from plenty of eggs.

Chiffon cake is so soft!


Travel Spots near Cafe


Details & Access of Rojiura Cafe

5 minutes from Kagoshima Airport by car.

All seats were occupied when we arrived at the cafe at 12:00. It is wise to make booking before you come to the cafe. Free parking lot is available for 2 cars, but the space is very narrow. It may be good to park your car at the Souvenir Hall Yokodero and walk to the cafe.

Open Hour

11:30 – Close 16:00(Last Order 15:15)




0995-58-3169(for car navigation), 070-5535-3169


Fumoto 2093-5, Mizobe-cho, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.


Secret Cafe near Kagoshima Airport


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