Sakurajima Visitor Center (Kagoshima, Japan)



This article introduces Sakurajima Visitor Center near Sakurajima Port.

You can learn about Sakurajima at this center.

When you visito Sakurajima, please drop by this center.



Access & Parking Lot

It takes about 10 minutes from Sakurajima Ferry Terminal by foot.

There is a parking lot for 10 cars.

Mt. Sakurajima stands in front of the center.

If you study Mt. Sakurajima at the center, you will more likely to enjoy your trip in Sakurajima.


Sakurajima Visitor Center

You can study history and nature of Mt. Sakurajima at this center.


Entrance Fee

Free of charge


Souvenir Corner

They also sell lava stone of Mt. Sakurajima.


Exhibition Corner

You can study history and life of Sakurajima at this section.

Those objects include lava stone created by eruption in 1914.

It is impossible to see the crater from Kagoshima City, but it is sometimes possible to see active eruption from east side of Mt. Sakurajima.

Following picture of the massive eruption is taken in 1914.

There is a historical site where you can feel the impact of the above massive eruption.

Following ash layers shows three times of massive eruption in the past.



Travel Information of Sakurajima Visitor Center

Open Hour



No holiday

Entrance Fee

Free of charge




Yokoyamacho 1722-29, Sakurajima, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan


Official Site of Sakurajima Visitor Center


History and life of Sakurajima


Nearby Lunch Spot

Michinoeki Sakurajima

The world smallest orange is sold.


Nearby Sightseeing Spots

Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park

The park is just beside Sakurajima Visitor Center. Let’s take a foot bath!

Tsukuyomi Shrine

The shrine worships the younger brother of the spreme God of Shinto religion.

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