Restaurant “Aichan” – Eat Fried Kurobuta Pork in Kagoshima, Japan –



Speaking of Kagoshima, Kurobuta pork is very famous. The pork is soft and nutritious. The restaurant Aichan serves you good quality pork at reasonable place. The restaurant is located in Murasakibaru Town, Kagoshima City.




Kurobuta Pork mille-feuille Cutlet Aichan

The butcher of Kagoshima Kurobuta pork runs this restaurant.

Brown shop curtain is a sign of the shop.

Kurobuta Pork mille-feuille Cutlet Aichan

I heard a rumor that the Japanese lunch of the restaurant was very delicious.

A couple runs the restaurant. When we visit here, they exhange conversation with local customers. I felt the atmosphere of the restaurant is very at home.

We were so hungry at the time of our visit!

We had expected that the air inside the restaurant would be oily since it is the restaurant of fried cutlet, but actually there was no oil smell.


We ordered lunch promptly once we arrived at the restaurant. We cannot wait for a long time!


Mille-feuille Cutlet Set

I ordered the lunch set of mille feuille cutlet.


The lunch set the most famous at the restaurant. The cutlet has as many as 12 layers of pork cutlet slices.

The lunch is beautifully decorated. The cross section of the cutlet is beautiful, too!

I felt that the store of the restaurant prepares each lunch set very warm heartedly.

I put the cutlet into my mouth and it was crispy and delicious meat juice spread in my mouth. The meat is very very soft!!

I took the following phot at a close distance.




Aichan Lunch

My wife ordered Aichan lunch.


Price is reasonable. You can enjoy both the mille feuille cutlet and the fried minced pork.

鹿児島 黒豚 定食

My wife told me that the minced cutlet was also juicy and delicious.


Secret of Delicious Lunch

The fried cutlet of Aichan uses special Kurobuta pork of a pig called “Roppaku Kurobuta”. The pig is The pork contains lots of nutrition such as amino acid, vitamin C and collagen. The pork itself is softer than normal one. Roppaku Kurobuta has 6 white parts of its body (4 legs, nose and tail).



I took the video of lunch for your reference.



Free parking lot is available but it is very small

  • How to go:Get off bus at bus stop “Ipponzakura” and walk 10 minutes.
  • Open hour:11:30-14:00, 17:30-22:00
  • Holiday:Thursday
  • Address:2-18-102 Murasakibaru Kagoshima City
  • TEL:099-250-4333