Kagoshima’s Crape Shop “PLAGE” – Delicious Crape & Beautiful View of Kagoshima Bay and Mt.Sakurajima –



My wife and I visited Crape Shop “Plage” at Nukumi, Kiire Town, Kagoshima City. If you drive from Kagoshima City to Ibusuki Area, I recommend you to take a rest at the shop. You can enjoy hot steaming crape while appreciating spectacle view of Kagoshima Bay and the volcano Mt.Sakurajima. The shop is also popular among local people.


Drive Rest to Ibusuki

My wife and I love sweet desserts. We dropped by crape shop Plage on our way to my hometown Ibusuki City. The shop is very poplar for its delicious crapes.

Find the following signboard when you come from Kagoshima City. The shop has a free parking lot. The shop is crowded every time we visit the shop.



Appearance of Plage

I am waiting for freshly baked crape in front of the shop. It is hard to resist my appetite as  the air is filled with good flavor of baked crapes. 🙂



Wide Variety of Crapes

There are over 60 kinds of crapes. All of them look delicious. It is very hard for us to choose one out of them. You can ask the staff for English menu.


I heard that many local people frequently buy tuna, hamburg or chicken tastes of crapes at this shop for their lunch or dinner. It is amazing that those crapes are popular among not only travelers but also local people!

There are also ice cream flavors and hot & cold drinks. 🙂


We came to the shop in November and it was a little cold outside. So, we decided not to choose ice cream crapes. We will definitely come here to taste ice cream next summer!

There is a swimming beach next to the crape shop. Many people enjoy swimming at the beach every summer. The shop is also popular among those swimmer.


We asked the staff which crape is the most popular. It seems that the baked pudding crape and sweet potato crape are very popular. (Kagoshima Prefecture is famous for the production of sweet potatoes.) 

We ordered both of them. I cannot wait for eating them! So excited!



Baked Custard Fruits Crape

I ordered for the baked custard fruits crape (450 yen)!

It looks very delicious! I was too shy to eat a crape alone as an adult man, but I can fully enjoy it since I am with my wife today!


Custard is usually very sweet and is loved by children rather than adults. But this custard is not too sweet and I believe many people would like the crape.

I compared the size of the crape to my smartphone for your reference.


Maybe it is a bit too small to fill your stomach for lunch. The amount is suitable as a snack for me.



Sweet Potato Crape

My wife ordered a sweet potato crape with maple syrup flavor. (470 yen)


The appearance of the crape is very simple. But when I took a bite of it, the wonderful flavor of sweet potato spread in my mouth! I felt very relaxed and happy!

I think that many girls would love this kind of flavor! My wife is the perfect example and got addicted by the delicious taste.

If you come to Kagoshima for the first time, I would like you to get the taste of this crape of sweet potato, which is the main agricultural product in Kagoshima Prefecture.



Enjoy Ocean View (Kagoshima Bay)

You can eat the crape at the terrace of the shop while enjoy the beautiful view of Kagoshima Bay. The place is filled with many girls who enjoy having sweets!

Terrace of Crape Plage


It was unfortunate that we visited the shop on a cloudy day. I really wanted you to have a wonderful view of Mt.Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay. I am sorry!

You can walk to the outside of the shop and take the stairs down to beach.


It is November I came here. Many people enjoy swimming here in summer.


What a wonderful view of the coastline!

Why not take your girl friend and walk along this beautiful beach. 🙂




Video of Shop “Plage”

I took the appearance of the shop and sophisticated cooking techniques of the staff.

How quick they cook the crape. I wonder why they can make the beautiful circle of crape dough at a instance! They are professional!

The hot steaming crape stimulates my appetite… Oh no! I want to have another crape! 

The crape dough is thick enough to enjoy its soft and chewy texture!




Another Nice Cafe near Plage

The cafe is a bit deep in the mountain, but the scenic view is FANTASTIC!

Why not enjoy having quiche lunch while appreciating a spectacle volcano Sakurajima?


Visit following article for more information of Cafe Third Stone (Nakamyo, Kiire Town, Kagoshima City)


Access to Crape Shop “Plage”

  • Address: Nukumi 2357-8, Kiire Town, Kagoshima City
  • TEL: 099-343-0682
  • Open hours:11:00-20:00 Wednesday is holiday
  • Drive 40 minutes from Kagoshima City to Ibusuki City. The crape shop Plage is next to Nukumi Swimming Beach. You can turn left and easily park the car at the shop on your way from Kagoshima City to Ibusuki City. But it can be a bit difficult to park there on your way from Ibusuki City to Kagoshima City, because you have to turn right to enter the parking lot.



Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken 891-0206, Japan

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