Lake Ikeda – Biggest Lake in Kyushu, Beautiful Nanohana Flowers –



When you drive at south of Satsuma Peninsula, I would like you to visit this lake. Drop by “Ikedako Paradise” and take a rest. The beautiful flower fields spread at the shore of the lake. You can enjoy meals and souvenirs there. You can have a great view of Lake Ikeda and Mt. Kaimon if the weather if fine. 


Walk along Lake

We parked out car at Ikedako Paradise and took a walk.

The scenery is wonderful. Many tourists visit this place throughout year.

Lake Ikeda 

From January to February this yellow “Nanohana” flowers are in full bloom.

The Nanohana flower’s attractiveness is not only its beauty, but also taste. I like salty Nanohana pickles.

Lake Ikeda 

Why don’t you walk along the shore with your boyfriend or girlfriend? 🙂

Lake Ikeda

Lake Ikeda is the biggest lake in Kyushu, Japan. The depth is 233m and shore length is 15 km.

Lake Ikeda

Many beautiful flowers were planted according to different seasons. 


Monster Issie Legend

In 196, the monster called Issie was witnessed at Lake Ikeda. The size of Issie reaches 20m. 

If you are super lucky , you might be able to sight Issie.

I am from the area near Lake Ikeda, but sadly I have never sighted the monster before.

You can see a biggest eel in the world at the water tank near Ikedako Paradise. Some says that the big eels are wrongly misidentified as  Issie.

Lake Videos

Many Nanohana Flowers

You can see the beautiful silhouette of Mt. Kaimon in a distance.

Nanohana Marathon is held at this Nanohana flower seasons. The marathon is known as the 1st marathon in the year. I have entered the full-marathon 3 times.

Stone Statue of Issie

The statue stands besides Ikedako Paradise. The appearance is almost similar to that of Nessie !?

Travel Spots near Lake Ikeda


Mt. Kaimon

Sand Bath “Sayuri”

Hirakiki Shrine





70 minutes from Kagoshima City by car


Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan



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