INUKAI waterfall (Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan)



Beautiful waterfall near Wake Shrine.


Let’s go to Inukai Waterfall

After visi to Wake Shrine, we went to the Inukai Waterfall near the shrine.

It is said that Mr. Wake Kiyomaro had a joyful time at this river after he was punished to exiled to Kagoshima as a result of a political scandal in 769.  Meiji Restoration’s historical hero Mr. Sakamoto Ryoma and his wife Oryo visited the waterfall on their honeymoon. 🙂


Walking to Watefall

You can see the waterwall from the observatory deck at the parking lot which is the starting point of walking road to the waterfall.

We decited to go to the waterfall and it took us about 30 minutes before arrival.

Some places of the road can be muddy if it rains. Please wear trekking shoes if you go to see the waterfall.

Inukai Waterfall

The height of the waterfall is 36m and width is 22m. It is very cool near the waterfall even in the middle of summer.

Inukai Waterfall

We enjoyed watching the waterfall as Mr. Wake Kiyomaro, Mr. Sakamoro Ryoma and Oryo did.

Inukai Waterfall



Waterfall Video

At first I took the video of the waterfall from the observatory deck of parking lot then I took the video at the visinity of the waterfall.


Travel Spots near Inukai Waterfall

Wake Shrine

Shiobitashi Onsen Ryoma Park


Waterfall Information


1 hour from Kagoshima City by car. About 20 minutes from Kagoshima Airport by car.

Fee and Parking lot

Free. There is a free parking lot at the entrance of the walking road.


Shimazukawa, Makizono-cho, Kirishima City


Beautiful waterfall in Kirishima City

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