Symbol of Kagoshima – Sakurajima Volcano –



It is cloudy and rainy in Kagoshima today.
Half part of the Sakurajima is covered by clouds.
Following video is taken on 4 March 2015.

The Sakurajima recorded 336th eruption in 2015 on 5 March.
Rainy clouds cover the top of the mountain.

(Symbol of Kagoshima)

Sakurajima is the symbol of Kagoshima.
It erupts almost every day!
Under the foot of this active volcano, many famous people have changed the history of Japan. Those people include Mt. Takamori Saito, Mr. Toshimichi Okubo, Mr. Tatewaki Komatsu, Princess Atsu-Hime and Lord Nariakira Shimazu.


Sakurajima is located in the center of Kagoshima.
It is located in the middle of Kagoshima Bay and at the south of Kyushu Island, Japan.
You can go to the Sakurajima from Kagoshima City by ferry. The Udon nooles on the ferry is very delicious!

Sakurajima is connected to the Osumi Peninsula and you can go to the Sakurajima from the Peninsula (Tarumizu City) by car.

(Brief Explanation)

Sakurajima is an active volcano.
Minor eruption occurs almost every day.
Sometime massive eruption takes places, but there have not been the lost of human life in the past decades. So, please be relaxed and come to Kagoshima!
It has an elevation of 1,117 meters and a circumference of about 50 kilometers.
There is a Nagisa Park near the Sakurajima Port. There, you can take free foot bath and enjoy wonderful view of Kagoshima City and Kinko Bay.

I also recommend you to have Sakurajima small oranges. It is very sweet and delicious!

(Life in Kagoshima with Sakurajima)

Kagoshima City is very closed to the Sakurajima.
Are city people safe in such a close distance from the active volcano?
If the wind flows from east, volcanic ashes fall on Kagoshima City.
The ash causes my eyes ache. I cannot go out without a mask covering my mouth.
I cannot wash my hair easily due to ash.
If ash is much amount, it is hard to drive a car because you cannot see in front of you. If wiper moves fast, it can damages windshield of the car. Please be careful!
Many Japanese children made the sandy mountain with my friends, but I collected ash at the garden and made many ASH mountains in my childfood

(History of the Island)

The most powerful eruption happened in 1914.
Sakurajima was an island, but the much lava sprang up at the time and the Sakurajima was connected to the Osumi Peninsula.
Much ashes fell on Kagoshima City and the sky was not visible for several days.
There is Kurokami Shrine on Sakurajima. The eruption buried an half part of the shrine gate with ash.

Sakurajima Volcano erupted in rainy clouds (4 April 2015, Wind: west 9m Rainy)

Sakurajima has been covered by clouds since April started. ^^;



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