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鹿児島市桜島の七社神社のご紹介です。 縁結びのご利益で有名な大国主命を祭る神社です。 桜島をドライブするときに立ち寄って参拝してはいかがでしょうか?
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Sakurajima Visitor Center (Kagoshima, Japan)

This article introduces Sakurajima Visitor Center near Sakurajima Port. You can learn about Sakurajima at this center. W...

Nice Bakery “Sakurajima Coffee & Bakery” at Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan

This article introduces the popular bakery shop "Sakurajima Coffee & Bakery" at Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan. When you a...
Experience & Leisure

Sakurajima Nature Dinosaur Park – Nice Place for Family Travelers with Small Children –

Do you know the park with many dinosaurs at Sakurajima? It is nice to have a relaxing time at the skirt of Sakurajima.

Yunohira Observatory – Wonderful Ocean View from Sakurajima -Kagoshima City, Japan

Yunohira Observatory is 373 meter above sea level, which is the highest point where human can reach at Sakurajima (1,117...

Service Station “SAKURAJIMA” – Hinoshima Megumikan near Sakurajima Ferry Terminal –

The service station SAKURAJIMA is located at the skirt of the active volcano Mt. Sakurajima (1,114m). The station is ver...

Volcano Mt. Sakurajima in Kagoshima, Japan (May 2015)

Blue Sky and Sakurajima on 17 May 12:21 (17 May 2015) N'ly wind, Sunny

White Sakurajima with Snow & “Ke-Arashi” Phenomenon

It rarely snows in hot-tempered Kagoshima every year. But this year is special. The snow covered whole Kagoshima on 25 J...

Introduction “Volcano Sakurajima Ash Ice Cream” – Edible Volcanic Ash? Unique Addictive Snack in Kagoshima, Japan –

Very strange ice cream. The name is "Sakurajima Volcanic Ash Ice Cream". Speaking of Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan), the m...

Beautiful Morning View of Mt.Sakurajima

Beautiful Morning View of Mt.SakurajimaToday is the end of the week. Many Japanese people have 5 days holidays from tomo...