Fukiage An – Water wheels and traditional Japanese architecture



My family went to a neaby restaurant “FUKIAGE-AN” to enjoy Soba and Udon noodles!

I took the video of the water wheel at the front gate of the restaurant.


Japanese History of Water Wheel

Japanese people started to use the water wheel in the 7th century.

Originally the water wheel was imported from Korean Peninsula by Buddhist monks.

Japanese people used the water wheel to grind wheat and rice. After the 9th century it was used for irrigation.

My grandmother told me that there used to be some water wheels at countryside in her childhood, but now most of them have disappeared.


Nice Restaurant “FUKIAGE-AN”

This is the nice place to have Udon and Soba noodles at reasonable price. The restaurant has a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

Many local people love to come to this restaurant and it is full of families at weekends.

You can eat radish pickles for free. There is a free parking lot.




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