Delicious Kaisendon Restaurant “Tokimi” Minamiosumi Town, Kagoshima, Japan

This article introducs a fantastic restaurant Tokimi in Minamiosumi Town, Kagoshima, Japan. The restaurant serves only 2...
Shrine & Temple

Misaki Shrine – Southernmost Shrine in Japan – (Minamiosumi Town)

We visited the exotic Japanese shrine "Misaki-Jinja" on our way to the southern tip of Japan's mainland. This article in...
Natural Beauty

Introduction of “Cape Sata” – Southernmost of Japan’s Mainland –

Cape Sata is located at the southernmost of Japan mainland (Minamiosumi Town, Kagoshima Prefecture). Its natural beauty of this place is breathtaking!
Natural Beauty

Ogawa Waterfall – Spectacular Natural Beauty in Osumi Peninsula, Kagoshima, Japan –

We visited Ogawa Waterfall of Minamiosumi Town. The beautiful scenery of the waterfall is breathtaking! Please visit the...