Misaki Shrine – Southernmost Shrine in Japan – (Minamiosumi Town)



We visited the exotic Japanese shrine “Misaki-Jinja” on our way to the southern tip of Japan’s mainland. This article introduces the unique shrine.


Worshipped Gods and Benefits

Worshiped Gods are Izanagi and Izanami. We are glad that the shrine worshipped the same Gods as Kirishima Higashi Shrine whre we had our marriage ceremony.

The shrine has the benefits of traffic and navigational safety as it is closed to the lighthouse. The benefits of the shrine also include bumper crop and business prosperity and safe birth.



The history of Misaki Shrine dates back to 708 DC, 2 years before Nara Era commenced.

Kabayama Hisataka was the leader of Satsuma army when Satsuma invaded Ryuku (current Okinawa Prefecture) in 1609. He prayed for victory before he depart Satsuma for Ryukyu.


Visito to Misaki Shrine

After getting off a shuttle bus and walking through a tunnnel to Sata Cape, a shrine building appeared in front of us.

The color of the roof is red and reminds me of the traditional building of Okinawa. The design of the shrine is quite different from other shrines.

Misaki SHrine Building


We walked from the shrine gate to the main building.

I took the following picture of the shrine gate. Many ciade trees 生い茂ったソテツが南国の情緒を感じさせます!



We found a statue which lost large parts of its body except for head. I thought that it a bit resembled Mr. Saigo Tkamori

Statue of Misaki Shrine

Many tropical Cicade trees covered large parts of the visiting road of the shrirne.

Misaki Shrine

It was hard to walk under those trees.

cicade trees of Misaki Shrine

Following picture is the view of the visiting road from the main building.



Goshuin (Shrine Seal)

After prayer we received Goshuin (sacred seal of the shrine). The fee is 300 yen.

It seemed that an administrative staff instead of a Shinto priest stationed Misaki shrine. When the staff not at the office, the staff usually cleaned the shrine garden.

Shrine Seal of Misaki Shrine

Shrine Office was closed at 15:30 when we returned to Shrine after going to Cape Sata. Please be careful of time when you are going to receive shrine seal.



I walked from the shrine gate to the main building.



Unique Shrine near Cape Sata

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