Takamori Saigo

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Death Site of Saigo Takamori (Historical Hero of Kagoshima, Japan)

This article introduces the place where Saigo Takamori died at Seinan Civil War (1877). The battle place has now turned ...
Hot Springs

Nakajima Onsen Ryokan – Famous Historical Spa of Saigo Takamori –

Historical hero Mr. Saigo Takamori loved Fukiage Onsen Area. It takes about 1 hour from Kagoshima City.
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2018 NHK Taiga Drama “Segodon (Saigo Takamori)” (now updating)

NHK Taiga Drama in 2018 is Saigo Takamori. He is the great contributor to the modernization of Japan and a historical he...
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Statue of Okubo Toshimichi – Friend and Rival of Saigo Takamori –

When it comes to Kagoshima, many Japanese people think of Saigo Takamori and him.
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Discovery! “House Where Mr.Saigo Takamori Recovered” – Important Historical Site for Japanese History!

In 1858, the Tokugawa Military Government ran a campaign "Ansei no Taigoku" to punish those who opposed to Tokugawa and ...
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Introduction “Saigo Takamori Hideout & Suicide Site” : Death of Kagoshima’s Hero, Final Battle of Seinan Rebellion

Seinan Rebellion took place in 1877 in Japan. The war is the final rebellion in Japanese history. Finally I could discov...
Shrine & Temple

Introduction of “Nanshu Shrine” – Saigo Takamori & Soldiers of Satsuma Ribellion (1877) –

I went to Nanshu Shrine commemorates Saigo Takamori (1828-1877) and his supporters who died in Satsuma Ribellion (1877)....
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鹿児島市加治屋町にある西郷隆盛と弟・従道の誕生地のご紹介です。 九州新幹線の最南端、JR鹿児島中央駅から歩いて約15分の場所にあります。 1828年(文政10年)1月23日、ここで鹿児島と日本の歴史を変えた英雄が生まれました。 ここがすべて...
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Portrait of Kagoshima’s Hero “Saigo Takamori”

Kagoshima's Hero Saigo Takamori is from Kagoshima.  He is a politician in 19th century. He played a crucial role in Meij...
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The population of Kagoshima City is 600,000. Kagoshima City Hall stands at the center of the city. Actually there is a h...