Discovery! “House Where Mr.Saigo Takamori Recovered” – Important Historical Site for Japanese History!



In 1858, the Tokugawa Military Government ran a campaign “Ansei no Taigoku” to punish those who opposed to Tokugawa and support to establish the emperor-centered government. Tokugawa government tried to punish a Buddhist priest Gessho and he escaped from Tokyo to Kagoshima in order to ask Mr.Saigo Takamori for help. 



Mr.Saigo’s Good Luck

However, Satsuma domain refused to provide a shelter for Gessho, because it was afraid of causing troubles with the Tokugawa government.


Satuma domain ordered Mr.Saigo to send Gessho to Hyuga (Miyazaki Prefecture) and kill Gessho on their way to Hyuga. Disappointed Mr.Saigo and Gessho tried to commit suicide together and dived into the Kagoshima Bay. Mr.Saigo was saved here but Gessho was dead.  If Mr.Saigo was dead at that time, the Meiji Restoration was maybe unsuccessful and foreign countries might colonized Japan. In this sense, this house is very important!


House Where Mr.Saigo Takamori Recovered (Video)

The house is located at Ryugamizu District, Kagoshima City, Japan, along Route 10. I decided to take video those who cannot easily visit the house due to inconvenient transportation. 

Only one thing I was disappointed is that we could not have a look at the inside of the house because all gates and windows of the house are firmly closed.

But the scenery of Mt. Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay from the house was wonderful.


Access to House

・Drive 20 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station to north (Aira City) along Route 10.

 The view of Kagoshima Bay and Mr.Sakurajima is beautiful along the driving road. If you are lucky, you will find small natural dolphins enjoying swimming!

In 1858 Mr. Saigo and Gessho commited suicide but only Mr. Saigo saved his life at this place.

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