Tarumizu City


Tarumizu-Daizukan – healthy delicious TOFU Restaurant –

We enjoyed thrilling zip-line and radon hot spring at Zaiho Park Sarugajo. Then, we had delicious Tofu lunch at Tarumizu...
Hot Springs

Anti-Aging Hot Spring @ ”Sarugajo Radon Spa” in Tarumizu City, Japan

We took a bath at a natural hot spring of radon at Tarumizu City. The hot spring has effects not only on improvement of ...
Experience & Leisure

Exciting ZIP LINE Adventure – Glide to Great Nature of Valley! Morinoeki Tarumizu –

We tried exciting zip-line at Tarumizu Morinoeki (Zaiho Park Sarugajo).  It was very exciting to gliding down over the v...

Local Shrimp Hamburger of “EBIYA-YOSHI” – Eat Diamonds of Kagoshima Bay –

We happened to find the local shop which sells hamburgers made of local shrimps. when we were driving along the western ...

Sunset and Eruption of Mt.SAKURAJIMA viewed from south (Tarumizu City)

I was driving west coast of OSUMI peninsula when I saw this beautiful sunset. Beautiful sunset is sinking down to horizo...
History & Culture

Don’t you think it Great? BONSAI (Dwarf Trees) & Flowers Arts! They are Put in LAVA Pots!

Bonsai is a famous Japanese art. It is a potted miniature tree. It is usually very expensive. These Bonsai and flowers a...