Anti-Aging Hot Spring @ ”Sarugajo Radon Spa” in Tarumizu City, Japan



We took a bath at a natural hot spring of radon at Tarumizu City. The hot spring has effects not only on improvement of blood circulation but also on getting rid of fatigue. My friend and my wife were glad at the positive effect on their skins.


Relax Yourself at Radon Spa!

We took a radon hot spring after enjoying zip-line at Zaiho Park Sarugajo.

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Radon Spa

We paid 490 yen at receipt. (The receipt is the same as zip-line.)

I was glad that I could get 1 bottle of mineral water (following picture). 🙂

mineral water bottle

Entrance of hot spring. What would it be like?

radon spa

The room to take off clothes. It is clean.

room to take off clothes

Cosmetic products on tables.


Lockers at the room are wide and comfortable to use.


I opened the door of the bath room.

There was nobody except me. It was so LUCKY!

The bathroom was very clean.

radon bath room

I was glad that the shower was wide and big. 🙂


Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were equipped at the bathroom.

The board at the wall explains how to take the radon bath.

Take 5 minutes of the bath and then take rest for 10 minutes (repeat this twice or three times).

radon bath

The water is a bit hotter than usual bath, but I think that it is possible for most people to take the bath for 5 minutes.

Radon is the gas and you have to breath deeply to take it into your body.

So, the windows of the bath room are closed so that radon doesn’t escape from the room.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply for 5 minutes before I sat on chairs for 10 minutes to take a rest.

radon bath and chair for rest

I could not feel the effect at first, but after I took the bath at the third time I felt my body gained power!




Take Rest after Bath

I relaxed myself after I left the bath room.

I enjoyed chatting with other travelers here while waiting for my wife.relaxing break room

The view of the river from the break room. I felt very relaxed…

tarumizu mountain


Facilities at Radon Spa

Souvenir shop.



Restaurant “Morino-ie” (literally means Forest House).

Menu such as curry rice, pork or beef rice bowl are available at 700 yen.

It seems that there are some delicious-looking desserts. 🙂

It is wonderful to eat lunch at the homey restaurant surrounded by forests and river.

restaurant at Sarugajo


My Comment

The spa water was transparent and mild.

The radon has effects on improving activity of body cells, but it was much more effective than I had expected before I took the bath!

I usually watch the screen of PC and feel tiredness on my eyes, but the hot spring removed the fatigue!. I felt very refreshed!

It was comfortable to take a nap at the rest room after I took the bath.


Our 6 months old daughter also took the hot spring with my wife. (Anti-aging effect has nothing to do with a baby, though 🙂 )

After relaxing ourselves at radon hot spring, we headed for Tarumizu Daizukan to have healthy soy bean lunch.

What a healthy the day was!

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Spa Information


About 1 hour from Kagoshima City via Sakurajima Ferry by car. About 1 hour from Miyakonojo City (Miyazaki Prefecture).

Open Hour

09:00-20:00(Receipt until 19:00)


Adult 490 yen, Under primary school 240 yen. Private bath is 1,980 yen.

Home Page



Remarkable healthy efffect!

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