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We enjoyed thrilling zip-line and radon hot spring at Zaiho Park Sarugajo. Then, we had delicious Tofu lunch at Tarumizu City. What a healthy day it was!

When it comes to Tarumizu City, sea foods such as Sashimi bowl is popular, but I also recommend you to have soy bean lunch at this restaurant, too!



Arrival at Tarumizu-Daizukan

When we searched for lunch place at Tarumizu City, I happened to find this unique restaurant.

The restaurant is very close from the Tarumizu Ferry Terminal. You can easily find the shop since it is located along the national road.

The appearance of the restaurant has traditional Japanese atmosphere. 🙂

Tarumizu Daizu Kan


This is the entrance of the restaurant. I found a big ice cream there.

Maybe we can get taste of some ice cream of soy beans. What kind of the taste it will be? I got excited about having it!

ice cream object  


When we come to the restaurant in the beginning of October, “Bukkake Soy Bean Noodle” (650 yen) was sold.

lunch menu


I found 4 tables inside the restaurant.

While we were at the restaurant, some people came here and order special ice cream of soy source.

Later we knew that the ice cream was popular among local residents.

soy bean products


Lunch menu is only “Bukkake Soy Bean Noodle”.

I found many soy bean products including Miso and soy source were sold inside the restaurant.

soy bean products inside restaurant


The restaurant has the history of as long as 80 years.

We had its delicious Tofu and understood why the taste had been very popular since the restaurant started!

Tarumizu Daizukan


The most famous product soy bean is Miso paste.

Miso paste


Fried Tofu, Ganmodoki, Okara Salad, Okara Donuts were sold.

We bought “Okara Salad” and “Cold Soy Bean Donuts” and had them at the restaurant.

soy bean foods at sale 


Staff told us that it would take some time before the lunch was delivered and to eat the vinegar soy bean (following picture).

The soy bean is nice and I could not stop eating it! I thought I could have a bowl of it… You can buy the large bottle of the vinegar soy bean at the restaurant.

vinegar soy bean


Following is the Okara Salad. Okara means “soy pulps”.

Fresh soy pulps are used and its taste is very similar to that of potato salad.

Fresh crispy onions inside the salad is delicious!

okara salad


The lunch was delivered at last!  This is “Bukkake Soy Bean Noodle”

Hand-made big tofu is topped on the noodles.

soy bean noodle set

The noodle is also topped with green onions, bits of fried tempura and seaweed.


Following photo is the close shot of Tofu. It looks delicious!


Once you put it in your mouth, good flavor of soy bean spreads in your mouth.


Noodle is flat and chewy.


Crispy tempura bits strengthen the delicious taste of Tofu and Soy Bean Noodle.

Soy source flavored soup is mild. It was so delicious and we ate up the noodle very quickly.


This is Onigiri rice ball (80 yen). 

The soy beans inside the Onigiri is very soft and delicious. I felt that can eat many of them!

The sweet pickles beside the Onigiri has been popular among local people.

rice ball with pickles


“Cold Soy Bean Donuts” (Following picture)

I had thought that freshly fried hot donuts are delicious, but this COLD donuts are also delicious!

Cold Soy Bean Donuts


Following photo is the cross-section of donuts.

Soy bean paste inside the donuts has the unique sweet flavor.

Cold Soy Bean Donuts


We ordered soy source soft ice cream (310 yen) as a desert.

I surely felt the taste of the soy source in the ice cream!

It is much more delicious than I expected. 🙂

soy source ice cream

Soy source added the adult sharpness to the mild taste of ice cream.


Source for noodles are sold at the corner of the restaurant.

The taste is not spicy but mild. It was so delicious that I drank up all soup inside the bowl.

We totally forgot to buy the soup this time. Oh my god…!

soy bean soup and noodles

We forgot to take pictures but we bought some sweet caramel candies (120 yen). 

The caramel are very good for souvenirs.




My Comment

I feel very lucky to discover the wonderful restaurant!!

My wife an my female friend were very happy to have this healthy lunch soy beans, which was good for their beauty.

I bought some Tofu for my wife’s family. Her family really loved the Tofu, too!

If you drive at Osumi Peninsula, I hope you make a visit to the restaurant! 🙂


Travel Spots near Tarumizu-Daizukan

Try Thrilling Zip-Line (Zaiho Park Sarugajo)

Relax at Natural Radon Hot Spring (Zaiho Park Sarugajo)


Restaurant Information


5 minutes from Tarumizu Ferry Terminal. Free parking lot is available.

Open Hour

10:00-17:00(Lunch 11:00-14:00)



Home Page



Soy bean lunch and products.

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