Kamou Big Camphor Tree : Biggest Tree in Japan (Kamo, Aira City, Kagoshima, Japan)



Do you know where the biggest Japanese tree is located? The answer is “Kamou Town” of Kagoshima Prefecture. The camphor tree is about 1,500 years. I believe that the huge size of the tree will impress you.


Kamo Big Camphor Tree

Ministory of Environment conducted the inspection in 1987 and approved that the tree is the biggest in Japan.

The tree is also famous as the Special Natural Monument Treasure of Japan.

The height is about 30m. The route circumference is 33.5m.

My wife took very nice pictures of the tree.


I feel as if “My Neighbor TOTORO” lives here.


I hope you visit the tree and feel its huge power of life.

Thick moss covers the shade of the tree, which tells you the long history.

Kamou Camphor Tree in Kagoshima, Japan

Wooden path is built so that you can get close to the camphor tree.

There is an enormous hollow (about 14 square meter) inside the tree.

It is an enough space for me to live in. 🙂

Kamo Hachiman Shrine

There is a shrine nearby the camphor tree.

The shrine worships 3 Gods.

They are Emperor Chuai  (14th Emperot), Emperor Ojin (15th Emperor, the son of Chuai) and Empress Jingu (wife of Chuai, mother of Ojin).

What are like those 3 people?

Emperor Chuai brought back industrial technology and sciences to Japan when he sent troops to Korean Peninsula in the 3rd century.

So, he is known as the God of Industry or Academics.

Empress Jingu gave birth to Emperor Ojin. So she is famous as the God of Safe Birth.

I feel so lucky to come to this shrine today, because my wife will give birth to our baby in 2 month.

Shrine Seal of Kamo Hachima Shrine

I have visited many shrines and collected their sacred seals for easy birth of our baby.

The stamp of this shrine is especially my favorite. (Chinese character is very beautiful)

We took the photo in front of the shrine building.


Strong blight sunset hit my face…


Video of Camphor Tree

I hope you will feel the huge size of the tree through the following video.

Recommend for Sightseeing

Only 5 minutes walk from the tree, there is a pleasant cafe restaurant.

蒲生 カフェ ぜんざい

You can enjoy Japanese lunch and sweets at the traditional Japanese Samyrai-style Cafe Zenzai.

It is also a good idea to walk around the tree’s neighborhood, where many Samurai-style houses are preserved.

Access to Kamou Big Camphor Tree

  • Transportation: 40 minutes from Kagoshima City or 30 minutes from Kagoshima Airport by car. (Free parking lot is available).
  • TEL: 0995-52-9029(Arata Hachiman Shrine)
  • Address: 2259-1 Kamigyutoku, Kamou-cho, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

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