Cafe “as-set.” – Nice coffee restaurant in deep mountain of Kagoshima –





Drop by Cafe at Iriki

When we went from Nitta Shrine to Kanmuridake Shrine, we dropped by a coffee restaurant “As-set.” to take a rest.

Both my wife and I love sweets and cofee and look forwad to visiting the restaurant. At first, we doubt if there is the cafe in such deep mountain. But, we arrived at the cafe thanks to the car navigation.



アズセット 珈琲 コーヒー カフェ 癒し かわいい 入来

Name board of the cafe is cute! 🙂

アズセット 珈琲 コーヒー カフェ 癒し かわいい 入来 as-set.


One lady runs the restaurant. The inside of the room is filled with the nice smell of roasted coffee. The atmosphere is very relaxing.

There are a large table for 4 people, a small table for 2 people and counter seats in the cozy room.



Apple Cake of Burnt Caramel


アズセット 珈琲 コーヒー カフェ 癒し かわいい 入来 as-set. クロワッサン

Sourness of an apple and sweet burnt caramel creates the wonderful taste. The moist cake has the good texture! The 

The fruit source and sweet vanilla are a superb combination! 




Croissant of Soft Boiled Scrambled Egg!

My wife ordered her favorite croissant!

We both enjoyed having the croissant. We enjoyed the soft and sticky sensation of the croissant with a wonderful flavor of butter. Above all, the soft scrambled egg is SUPERB! 🙂

Cross-section of the croissant reminds us of its great taste!



Wonderful Chocolate Parfait!

I ordered my favorite chocolate parfait. (Japanese man needs lots of courage to order such parfait, because many people think that it is the FEMALE food.)

I explain each section of the parfait from the lower layer …. 1. granola, 2. bavarois, 3. Coffee Jelly, 4. fresh cream, 5. Vanilla Ice cream, 6. Cookie (Biscuit)

as-set. chocolate

While we are having relaxing time with delicious foods, some people came to the restaurant to take out sandwiches and pizza of duck.

Those sandwiches and pizza must be delicious, too! I cannot keep writing as my mouth just started watering.

We will definitely come to the restaurant again and try other delicious foods of the restaurant!




Information of As-set.

Open hour

09:30-16:30 (Holidays: Sundays, 1st and 3rd Monday)




Nice cafe in mountain

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