Japanese Style Cafe “HIYORI” – Delicious Seasonal Foods & Nice Hospitality –


The weather was lovely and we enjoyed driving at south of Satsuma Peninsula. We dropped by a Japanese style cafe “Hiyori” which my wife was very interested in. We were moved by the delicious foods and the wonderful hospitality of staff.


Let’s Go to Fukiage!

We drove from Kagoshima City to Fukiage. On the way to Fukiage the wide field of green tea appeared in front of us!

The autumn sky was clear ant it was wonderful to drive in such lovely weather.

Green Tea Field

We were taking our baby and called up the restaurant “Hiyori” in advance to see if we could have lunch with baby.

We were happy to hear that we can take our daughter with us to the restaurant.


Arrival at Hiyori

Following picture is the appearance of Hiyori. It reminds me of the old house of my grandmother.

Loofah and balsam pears were hanging at the entrance. We also found a water tank for killifish.


Parking lot.




Wonderful Hospitality

The inside of the restaurant is very wide. Its roof is high.


It is very relaxing. Unique objects such as paper umbrellas were hanging from the ceiling.


Seats were 4 tables for 2 people, 5 tables for 4 people and 4 counter seats.


We were surprised and glad that restaurant staff kindle prepared a mat for our baby. 


The interior view of Hiyori.




We had already decided what to eat before we came to the restaurant. Hiyori’s menu is as follows:

  • Hiyori Gozen 1,080 yen
  • Okoge Lunch 850 yen

You can also add a set of small dessert and drink for additional 150 yen.

I ordered Okoge Lunch and my wife ordered Hiyori Gozen.

The restaurant also has a small lunch set for small children (500 yen). My wife could not eat it as she was only 6 months old. I hope she can eat the lunch set next time we come to the restaurant.


Restaurant Atmosphere

We took some pictures of the restaurant before the lunch was cooked.

It seemed that guests were mainly local people and families with small children come here.


Wooden agricultural tools, box for honey bees, straw sandals… They are all traditional Japanese goods.


Hand-made bags and plates were sold.


Traditional Japanese house has the warmth of natural woods.




Happy Lunch Time

Small dishes were delivered to our table first. Coquette and potato salads.

The design of the plates were unique.



Okoge Lunch

Before I cam to the restaurant, I had been very curious about the Okoge Lunch (Okoge means “burnt rice” in Japanese). It is said that the restaurant owner is very proud of the lunch. 

I followed the explanation of the shop staff and poured hot source onto crispy glutinous rice.

I took the video of the Okoge Lunch. The sound of pouring source stimulates my appetite!

The smell of Okoge is wonderful!


Whole picture of Okoge Lunch


Okoge Lunch is sided with salad. I love those salty white cookies of shrimps.


Miso soup.


I love the texture of Okoge.


Hiyori Gozen

My wife ordered Hiyori Gozen (1,080円). The each dish of the lunch differs every day.

The amount of the lunch is big and abundant. Today’s dishes include fried chickens and tempura of shrimp.


If you have any foods of dislike, you can consult with staff before you make an order.

You can also take another cup of miso soup and lunch for free.


Extra Meal

Restaurant staff specially prepared for a small porridge of newly harvested rice and a water cup for our daughter. We were very touched by their hospitality.


Thanks to staff, my wife and I could enjoy lunch with our daughter.


It is very kind and generous of the restaurant staff!


Small Dessert and Drink

I enjoyed having black sesami mousse and a hot coffee made of soy beans of Hioki City.

Hioki City is famous for the production of soy beans.


I love this soy bean coffee!

Compared to normal coffee, the sourness is little and taste is mild but thick.

Please try the coffee if you love coffee.


My Comment

Unique Okoge Lunch was much more delicious than I expected.

In addition to lunch, we were very impressed by the services of restaurant staff.

They prepared a baby mat before our arrival. My wife was very happy and satisfied with the spacious space for changing diaper for babies.

We have not ordered but they prepared a porridge for our daughter… Our family really enjoyed our lunch!



Every staff kindly talked to our daughter.



We dropped by “Yoshitoshi Bussankan” store near Hiyori.


We bought boiled soy beans as souvenirs. 🙂



Hiyori’s Information


1 hour from Kagoshima City by car

Open Hour

11:30-14:00(Lunch), 14:00-17:00(Cafe)

*Cafe is not open regularly. Smoking is allowed at night.


Tuesday and Wednesday



Home Page



1833 Yoshitoshi, Hiyoshi-cho, Hioki City



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