Zabon Ramen – Popular Ramen Noodle Restaurant in Kagoshima –



Kagoshima people especially loves having Ramen noodles! The density of Ramen restaurants of Kagoshima ranks 5th in among 47 prefectures of Japan. The density exceed that of Fukuoka (20th) and Kumamoto (19th) in Kyushu Island. Also, the density is the highest in the western part of Japan! Kagoshima is famous for the production of pigs and chickens. So, the Ramen shops can easily get those ingredients.!


Popular Ramen Restaurant in Kagoshima

My wife and I went to Zabon ramen noodle restaurant frequently.
The restaurant has run since 1946, only 1 year after world war 2.
The soup is mild and noodle is thick.

Free pickles (Japanese raddish) are served for free. This is the typical culture of ramen noodle restaurants in Kagoshima. ^^


Atmosphere of Restaurant

The restaurant started in 1946 just 1 year after the world war II. The atmosphere of the restaurant has the nostalgic atmosphere of Showa era.



Access to Zabon Ramen Restaurant (Yojiro)

  • Open 11:00-21:00(no designated holidays)
  • The restaurant is very close to Frespo Jungle Park.
  • TEL: 099-257-7923




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