Ibusuki Station – Gateway to southern Japan’s resort city Ibusuki -

Your trip in Ibusuki starts from this station. The sation is equipped with foot bath.
Experience & Leisure

Young Couples MUST go to the Island for Eternal Bonds of Love! Why not give it a try?

CHIRINGASHIMA ISLAND This island is located in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima. When tide is ebbed, sandbar emerged an...

Gateway to Southern Tip of Japan, IBUSUKI Station, Welcome to Resort City IBUSUKI,

INTRODUCTION to IBUSUKI Train Station The Ibusuki Station has travel guides station. They will kindly help you...
Natural Beauty

Most Beautiful Mountain ! Mt. Kaimon-dake with 1 big secret scary story… : Place to Visit and Climb during Japan Trip

* The Mt. Kaimon is the symbol of my hometown. Also, she is one of 100 greatest mountains in Japan. * Hight is a...

Unique Vending Machines in Kagoshima, Japan

 Like other prefectures in Japan, there are many unique vending machines in Kagoshima. To what extent you know about Jap...

Introduction of Kagoshima Local Trains – Ibusuki Makurazaki Line –

Korimoto Station is the next stop of Kagoshima Chuo Station of Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line.  This train is the next stop fro...

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