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Secret Shrine “Arahira-Tenjin” worships Learning God (Kanoya City, Japan)


Secret Shrine at Osumi AreaI happened to fine an interesting shrine to when we drive along the west coast of the Osumi…

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WAKE Shrine – worships famous Mr. KIYOMARO WAKE at Kirishima City and beautiful WISTERIA –

Wake Shrine worships Mr. Wake Kiyomaro (733 - 799). He is the Japanese politician in the 8th century. The shrine is also…

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Terukuni Shrine – Symbolic Shrine of Kagoshima City –


Terukuni shrine worships 28th lord of Shimadzu Clan, Shimadzu Nariakira. In Kagoshima, the shrine is as popular as Kiris…

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Japanese Shrine Tips (How to wash your hands in Japanese shrines)


This video was taken at Arata-Hachiman Shrine, Kagoshima City, Japan.When I took the video of shrine, a small cute p…

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Arata-Hachiman Shrine – Kagoshima City, Japan –

The shrine is located at Shimoarata Town of Kagoshima City, Japan. The shrine is believe to have a spiritual power for s…

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“Tsurugane Shrine” near Senganen Park worships Shimadzu Family

Many people visit Senganen Park during their trip to Kagoshima. Tsurugane Shrine is located at the entrance of Senganen …

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Sacret Small Shrine “WAKAMIKO SHRINE” – Worships Japan’s 1st Emperor and Ancient Hero –

We happened to discover the mysterious shrine when we drove at Kirishima City. The scenery was beautiful especially at s…

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MYSTERY Black Cow Statue at Ichinomiya Jinja at Kagoshima City : Animals Statues of Japanese Shrine

* You may find various animal statues during trip in Japan.* If you find a COW statue, it means that t…

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Introduction of HIRAKIKI Shrine – Spiritual Shrine in Ibusuki City. Jolly Traditional Festivals –


Hirakiki Shrine is the 1st shrine in Satsuma region of Kagoshima Prefecture. (more…)…

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Old Japanese Leisure! Physical Power Competition! Can you lift up over 100 kg stones?

OLD CUSTOM at KAGOSHIMA FESTIVALThere are several over 100 kg stones in the garden of Ichinomiya Shrine in Kagoshima…

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