Delicious Ramen noodle at restaurant KYUJIRO, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima


Nice ramen restaurant KYUJIRO

Drive a car from Kagoshima City for 1 hour.
It is the best to visit to this restaurant when you travel south of the Satsuma Peninsula, Kagoshima

This ramen noodle restaurant are very popular among local people. The restaurant is always full of families at lunch time.

There is a free parking lot.

The inside of the restaurant if clean.

I had miso taste of the noodle. The soup has a rich flavor of miso.
In addition to miso taste, you can also have shio (salty) and shoyu (soy-source) flavors.

Kagoshima’s ramen noodles are relatively thick and soft, while Fukuoka ramen are thin and hard noodles.


Energetic cherry blossom on a cliff

I discovered a cherry blossom tree on the cliff from the window of the restaurant.



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