Japanese Ramen noodles restaurant “KAKINOKI” in Kagoshima City






Ramen noodle

Ramen is the kind of various ingredients such as sliced pork (CHASHU), bamboo shots (MENMA), soft-boiled egg (TAMAGO) with soy source and chopped scallions (NEGI).


Ramen noodles came to Japan in Meiji era (the second half of 19th century).

I have lived in China and had many ramen noodles there for one year, but I found that the tastes are very different from Japanese ramen.

Chinese ramen noodle is not sweet and lightly seasoned (sometimes, very hot!)

On the contrary,  Japanese ramen noodles are a bit sweet and very thickly seasoned. Also, Japanese ramen has much variety according to each region.



(Kagoshima ramen noodle)

Kagoshima is full of good ramen restaurant.

The most popular ramen noodle in Kyushu Island is Tonkotsu ramen (white soup of pork bone broth) in Fukuoka.

This picture is the Tonkotsu ramen in Fukuoka.


Much of Kyushu ramens are very similar to the Tonkotsu ramen in Kyushu.

However, Kagoshima ramen noodles are unique and very different from Tonkotsu ramen.


(Tastes difference)

This is the popular ramen in the restaurant KAKINOKI in Kagoshima City.


Noodles are thicker than Tonkotsu ramen.

Soup color is dark while that of Tonkotsu ramen is white.

In addition, slices of Kurobuta (pork) is put on the top. The pork is much more juicy than other ramens in Japan!

You can see a big juicy piece of Kurobuta pork at following video.

Except for tastes, Kagoshima ramen restaurants have different cultures from other Japanese restaurants.


(Unique Ramen Cultures in Kagoshima)

1. Pickles and a green tea are served before you start eating.


At some restaurants, staff serves pickles for you. At other restaurants, you help yourself and take pickles from the pots on the tables.

The most popular vegetable used for the pickles are radish.

Following picture is the radish. Kagoshima is noted for the production of the largest radish in the world.



2. Ramen noodles are usually eaten as the main dishes in Kagoshima, while many other Japanese people eat the noodle as side dish or after drinking alcohol beverages.

3. More female are working at ramen noodle restaurant than other parts of Japan.



(Restaurant KAKINOKI)

I often go to the restaurant KAKINOKI to eat ramen noodles with my family and friends.

I took my Australian friends several times and they like the noodle very much!

Please also see the another ramen restaurant VAGABOND in Kagoshima City!



ramen noodle
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