Kagoshima Ramen TONTORO @ Tenmonkan Arcade – Soft KUROBUTA Pork & Half Boiled Egg –



The ramen noodle of TONTORO is put with delicious Kurobuta pork. Once you eat it, you will be a fun of the ramen.


Come to Tontoro Ramen

The shop is very popular among local people in Kagoshima.

There were already many guests in line in front of the restaurant when I arrived there.

Kagoshima Ramen Tontoro

I came here alone and could enter the restaurant very quickly.

At first, I had to buy a ramen ticket on a machine.

I bought at tickets for “Tontoro Ramen Noodle with Half Boiled Egg” (870 yen).

I wanted to order Chashu (pork slices) rice, but I didn’t due to the coming health checkup.

Ticket Machine

The inside of the restaurant is very clean.

The staff guided me to the counter seat. (I found 8 seats at the counter and some tables.)

It was the summer when I visited the restaurant. It seemed that many guests came here during the summver vacation.

Counter Seat

I helped myself with free seavice Japanese raddish.

The taste of the pickles at the restaurant is sweet compared to other ramen noodle restaurants.

Raddishi Pickles

Ramen Noodle

My noodle was delivered very quickly (less than 5 minutes after I made an order).

The good smell of the noodle stimulated my appertite!

Inside ingridients include pork slices, half boiled egg, bamboo shots and fried green onion.

The pork broth soup is not oily. I drank up the whole soup withought thinking of health checkup since it was delicious!

The noodles themselves are more stiff than usual. They are relatively thick like other ramen noodles in Kagoshima.

Above all, I really loved soft slices of Kurobuta pork!

Tontro noodle

(Sorry that I forgot to take a picture of the noodle since I concentrated on eating it. Above picture is the capture shot of my video.)

There are about 4 slices of pork. Once I put it in my mouth, I felt as if the slice melt down!

The slice is very soft and it is easily broken if I try to take it by chopsticks.

Ramen Video

Please watch the following video to see how soft the pork slices are!

The half boiled egg is well soaked with tastes.

The restaurant has good atmosphere and I saw shop staff were kind and friendly.

I left the restaurant with a happy satisfaction. I want to take my wife and daughter next time I come here!

Popular Souvenir

You can buy the ramen noodle online.

The restaurant has some souvenir boxes at counter as souvenirs.

One box is for 2 people.

Shop Information

Open Hour



no holiday






11-15 Higashisengoku-Cho, Kagoshima City


Popular noodle restaurant with delicious pork slices



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