Kagoshima Ramen Noodle : Restaurants ”VAGABOND” & “SHINOHARA”



What is the characteristics of Kagoshima’s Ramen? I would like to recommend you to go to the following restaurants in Kagoshima City, Japan!


Ramen Culture in JAPAN

When you travel to Japan, I recommend you to go to various Ramen noodle restaurants.

You might think, “Ramen noodle is not Japanese food, but Chinese food”.

But I think Japanese Ramen noodles is more unique and in more variety than Chinese ones (I have lived in China for 1 year).

Soups and ingredients are different in Japan according to the each region.

It is interesting to compare the taste difference of noodle. Please enjoy making comparison!

I like to have Ramen noodle for lunch or dinner. But the noodle is very delicious after enjoying drinking alcohol at Izakaya Bar (It is not good for your health, though…)


Ramen in Kagoshima

Generally speaking, Kagoshima Ramen noodle has following characteristics.

  1. Main taste of soup is miso (fermented soy beans) Similar to Hokkaido.
  2. Noodle is thick. Once you get out of Kagoshima, you will find many noodles are thin in other prefectures. 
  3. Slice of Kurobuta (Indigenous Pig in Kagoshima) are put on top of noodle. Kagoshima is famous for production of Kurobuta pork, which is soft and nutritious.  


Ramen Restaurant VAGABOND

My friends and coworkers recommed the restaurant for me to enjoy Ramen noodles.


The name of the restaurant if Vagavond.

Kurobuta pork is put on the top. Half-boiled egg is very delicious!


Watch Ramen of VAGAVOND



Access to VAGAVOND

Get off Train tram at “Shiyakusho-Mae”


Video of “Ramen Shinohara”

I used to go to the ramen restaurant frequently when I lived at its neighborhood.

The ramen noodle is called “Tsuke-men” or dip-style ramen noodle.


Access to Ramen Shinohara

Get off tram at “Korimoto” station


Other Ramen Restaurant

Zabon Ramen and Kakinoki Ramen are also famous in Kagoshima.

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