delicious Japanese Ramen noodle in Kagoshima – Restaurant “BUCCHOMEN” (2015.05.06)



There are lots of ramen noodles in Kagoshima.
This ramen is a Hakata style, though.
My friend took me to this secret delicious restaurant.


Ramen Noodle of Restaurant BUCCHOMEN
The pork is soy-flavored and absolutely yummy!
The soup is plain and easy to drink. Generally normal ramen noodles are fat, but in the case of this ramen, you don’t have to be afraid of getting fat.
You can eat only ramen noodle for 680 yen. You can also add rice set (pork rice and Chinese dumplings) for 350yen.


The restaurant is located at the north of Kagoshima City.
It is a bit far from the downtown of the city, but it is worth trying it!

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