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FUKIAGE Sand Festival at night in 2005 – magnificent masterpieces lighted up – (2015.5.4)

West coastline of the Satsuma Peninsula is sandy coast. This beach is called “FUKIAGE BEACH”.
Actually, the beach is one of 3 most beautiful Japanese beaches. Length of the beach is the longest in Japan.
It is very pleasant to drive along the coast.
In my childhood, I often go to the beach to get seashells.


FUKIAGE SAND FESTIVAl is held in every May at this beautiful beach. This is the most famous event in Kagoshima Prefecture.
By making use of the sand, many artists and students made wonderful sandy objects at Fukiage Town, Minami-Satsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

Beautiful Statue Light-up at night

Marco Polo

Neil Armstrong landed on the surface of moon (Apolo 11)

Japanese noble people during Heian Era


The festival include wonderful fireworks, talk show and concerts.
It is very jolly! More than 100,000 people come to this event!
You can use free bus from Kagoshima-Chuo Station at Kagoshima City.
Admission fee is 1,000 per 1 adult.


I was so busy taking photos of these wonderful masterpieces!

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This is the best beach to drive along!

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