Kagoshima City View Bus – Enjoy Sightseeing at Kagoshima City –



Very convenient transportation for sightseeing main travel spots in Kagoshima City.


Kagoshima City View Bus

I have been born and raised in Kagoshima Prefecture, but it was my first time to board the Kagoshima City View Bus. I had thought that many seats of the bus would be vacant, but I found that the bus was full of local people and foreign tourists!

It was the middle of summer (the end of the July) and many childredn was on the bus to enjoy swimming at Iso Swimming Beach, which is the one of the destination of the bus.

Seats were desighned so that passengers can enjoying viewing outside. Seats of the rear side of the bus were removed so that passengers can stand there to enjoy seeing city view.

You can listen to the guide announce which explains the each main spot in various languages. I thought that I would never feel bored inside the bus.

The bus is popular among local people of Kagoshima city and tourists. I hope that many people will make use of it.


Bus Route

There are 3 courses “Shiroyama / Iso Course”, “Water Front Course” and “Night View Course”.


Shiroyama / Iso Course

The bus circles clockwisely in Kagoshima City in 60 minutes. 17 buses operate everyday.


  1. Kagoshima Chuo Station
  2. Meiji Furusato Kan Mae
  3. Xavier Park
  4. Statue of Saigo Takamori
  5. Memorial of Loyal Retainers of Satsuma Domain
  6. Saigo’s Cave
  7. Shiroyama
  8. Saigo’s Cave
  9. Memorial of Loyal Retainers of Satsuma Domain
  10. Nanshu Park
  11. Senganen Park
  12. Iso Beach
  13. Ishibachi Memorial Park
  14. Kagoshima Aquarium
  15. Dolphin Port
  16. Tenmonkan Street
  17. Kagoshima Chuo Station

I made a map of Shiroyama / Iso Course.

Click on each marker takes you to the article of the travel spot.


Water Front Course

The bus circles counter-clockwisely in Kagoshima City in 75 minutes. You can visit the almost same travel spots as Shiroyama / Iso course (the bus visit the Saigo Nanshu Museum). 


Night View Course

The bus departs Kagoshima Chuo Station for Shiroyama Observatory, where you can watch the beautiful night view of Kagoshima City. The bus operates twice a day (departure time 19:00 and 20:00) in Saturday.

  1. Kagoshima Chuo Station
  2. Tenmonkan
  3. Kagoshima City Hall
  4. Shiroyama
  5. Statue of Saigo Takamori
  6. Tenmonkan Street
  7. Kagoshima Chuo Station

Bus Fee

Adult 190 yen, Children 100 yen. Please pay the fee when you get off the bus.

If you buy a 1 day ticket (adult 600 yen, children 300 yen), you can get discouts at the following facility. You can bu a 1 day ticket on the bus.

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