How to use KAGORIN – Sightseeing Kagoshima City by Rental Bicycle –



How about enjoying your trip at Kagoshima City by bicycle? You can use bicycle “Kagorin” for only 200 yen for 1 day.



How to use Kagorin

I took the following video to show how to rent Kagorin.(I used smartphone to took the video)

You need a mobile phone to rent Kagorin. (Later I learned that you can also use a key instead of a mobile phone. Please refer to Kagorin’s homepage for details.)

If you park Kagorin at a port in 30 minutes after departure from another port, no additional fee is charged.

If you know the above rule, you can use Kagorin as long as you want for a day. You have to be careful of the time, but it is very convenient to enjoy your trip by Kagorin.

When you rent Kagorin, you can choose your languages from Japanese, English, Korean, Cantonese or  Mandarin.


Drive from Kagoshima Chuo Station to Sakurajima Ferry Terminal

I rent Kagorin and enjoyed traveling in Kagoshima City for your travel’s reference.

I took the course from Kagoshima Chuo Station to Sakurajima Ferry Terminal to avoid busy Tenmonkan street.

Following map indicates my Kagorin course.

I fixed my smartphone at the front of Kagorin to took the video. Please watch and enjoy them!


Kagoshima Chuo Station→Statue of Okubo Toshimichi(About 5 minutes)

It was rainy, but I decided to took Kagorin.

I departed Kagoshima Chuo Station for Statue of Okubo Toshimichi.

Heavy typhoon rain drenched me, but I felt it comfortable. I felt I lost my weight a little and my health improved.

But I had to cancel my Kagorin trip due to heavy rain when I arrived at Statue of Okubo Toshimichi. What a pity!

I made up my mind to take Kagorin from the statue at another day!


Statue of Okubo Toshimichi→Kagoshima Central Police Office(About 7 minutes)

The weather was lovely! I took Kagorin from Statue of Okubo Toshimichi along Kotsuki River to Central Police Station.

When Spring comes, the riversides of of Kotsuki River get full of people who enjoy appreciating Cherry Blossom.

There is a birthplace of Saigo Takamori who is the hero of Kagoshima along the Kotsuki River and many other famous historical sites are located in this area. Nice restaurant such as Hikaruya and オOVNi are also located in this area.


Kagoshima Central Police Office to Perth Street (About 5 minutes)

I headed for Mt. Sakurajima along Perth Street.

The name of the street is named after an Australian city which is the sister city of Kagoshima City.


Perth Street→Dolphin Port(About 5 minutes)

At the end of Perth Street, Kagoshima’s symbol Mt. Sakurajima makes its appearance.

Probably it is nice to take a rest at Dolphin Port. Maybe it is difficult to find the parking port of Kagorin, so please watch the end part of the above video for your reference. It is also nice to get a taste of Kagoshima’s traditional rice cake “Jumbo Mochi” at the Hirataya at 1st floor of Dolphin Port.

There is Io World Kagoshima Aquarium and ferry terminals to Sakurajima, Yakushima and Tanegashima.


Dolphin Port → Sakurajima Ferry Terminal(About 5 minutes)

I departed the Kagorin port of Dolphin Port for Sakurajima Ferry Terminal.

At the park in front of Dolphin Port, many events such as Kagoshima Ramen Noodle Championship (February) and Kagoshima Food Festival (November) are held every year. The view of Mt. Sakurajima from the park is also wonderful!


Sakurajima Ferry Terminal→Kagoshima City Hall

I left Sakurajima Ferry Terminal for Kagoshima City Hall, which is the historical building.

Beautiful illumination of Minato-odori Park in front of Kagoshima City Hall is famous around Christmas season.


Map for Kagorin Ports

Kagorin ports cover the surrounding area of Tenmonkan. Please be noted that you cannot to go to suburb area (ex. Senganen Park) by Kagorin.




I hope my model course and videos will be helpful for you.

If you take Kagorin, you can also go to Tenmonkan Street Area, but please drive carefully at the area because the place is crowded with cars and people.

It is also fun to travel Kagoshima City by sightseeing bus Kagoshima City View!