Healthy Land Tamatebako Spa – Hot Spring of Great Ocean View – (Ibusuki City, Kagoshima, Japan)



I introduce a wonderful spa at my hometown, Ibusuki City. The hot spring ranked the 1st at the travel site “Trip Adviser” in 2016, When you travel in Ibusuki City, this is the place where you should visit.



Arrival at Tamatebako Spa

The weather is fine today. Clear autumn sky was beautiful.

I visited the spa alone.

entrance of tamatebako spa

This is the entrance of Tamatebako Spa.

tamatebako spa

The mountain near the Tamatebako Spa is called Mt. Takeyama.

The mountain had been the training spots of Buddhist monks.

tamatebako spa and mt. takeyama

I bought the spa ticket at the entrance.

The adult is 510 yen (260 yen for children). Please give the ticket to the receipt.

You can buy towels if you don’t bring them.

receipt counter of tamatebako spa


Let’s Go to Open Air Bath

There are two kinds of spa. One is Japanese style spa (west) and Western style spa (east).

I love to take Japanese style bath (west), which faces Mt. Kaimon in the west.

Men can take the Japanese style bath on even-numbered days and female can on odd-numbered days.

entrance of bath for male

The open air bath is 10 m away from the building of receipt.

building for male bath

shoes box

Please put your shoes in those lockers.


Facility of Bath

Free lockers are available for your belongings. Hair driers are available.

There are also shampoo, body soap and conditioners.


Infinity Open-Air Bath!

Once I opened the door to the outside, the beautiful ocean view spread before me!


The scenery is wonderful and I took the deep breath.

Please wash your body at this place before you take the bath.



The beautiful scenery captivated my mind.

I could see the beautiful Mt. Kaimon (924 m) at a distance.

Blue sky is reflected on the surface of the bath. I feel as if the bath spreads beyond the horizon.


The temperature of the normal bath is relatively low. I found many elderly people loved to take the hot bath.


The cape is called “Nagasaki-Bana”. The place is known as the northern limit of the wild Cyclades trees.


The temperature of the normal bath is relatively low and I can take the bath for a long time.

I can forget the busy normal days and relax myself listening to the gentle sound of ocean waves.


I feel as if my body is melting into the sky.

What a happy time!


The steep rocky Mt. Takeyama and the rock “Matagoshi” rising from the ocean creates beautiful scenery.

It is said the volcanic activity created the unique landscape.


I happened to meet an old man who retired his job and enjoyed traveling around Japan.

It seems that the open-air bath makes people open-minded and facilitates communication with each other.


Sunset time is probably the best time to enjoy scenery from the spa.


After Bath

After enjoying the bath, I bought a drink and took a rest at the room.

vending machines

Famous products of Ibusuki City are sold as souvenirs.

souvenir shop  souvenir shop


Good Healthy Effects of Spa

The spa has good effects on Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, recovery from fatigue, health promotion and the like.


Every time I took the bath here, I feel warm for all day.


Travel Information of Spa


Drive southward along the route 226 from Kagoshima City and it takes about 10 minutes from JR Yamagawa Station. Free parking lot is available.

Open Hour

09:30-19:30(Open-Air Bath)


Every Tuesday(next day if it is a national holiday)


0993-35-3577(Open-Air Bath)


3292, Fukumoto, Yamagawa, Ibusuki City



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