Kagoshima’s Active Volcano SAKURAJIMA and hot springs




Clear Sakurajima in the middle of Rainy Season

It is very sunny and lovely today.

I cannot believe it is in the middle of rainy season.

I could see the clear view of the volcano with blue sky after long interval of rainy days.

What a shame that I had to stay inside the office whole day!

Sakurajima and hot springs

There are many active volcanoes in Kagoshima such as Mt.Sakurajima and Kuchinoerabu Island.

Sometimes those volcanoes cause disaster to human beings, but also give them wonderful gifts (hot springs).

Everytime I take the hot spring bath, I always feel happy to be born as a Japanese.

Please come to visit Kagoshima and enjoy many pleasant hot bath!温

How wonderful Japanese hot bath is!

Famous Japanese actor Mr.Hiroshi Abe plays a role of a bathroom architect “Rucius” of Ancient Roman Empire in the movie “THERMAE ROMAE”

In the story, Rucius comes to modern Japan and experience attractiveness of Japanese hot spring and its interesting cultures.

When Rucius visits the Japanese bath for the first time, he was surprized to see Mt. Il monte Vesuvio, which is actually Mt.Fuji depicted on the walls of bathroom.

Mt. Il monte Vesuvio is the volcano in Napoli City, Italy.

Because Napoli City and Kagoshima City are located near active volcanoes, they are sister cities.

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