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Why not enjoy relaxing bath time at the beautiful bank of a pond. Japan’s great writer Saito Mokichi loved the spa very much.



The spa is located in quiet forest of mountain.

midori pond


Entrance of Midoriso.

Entrance of Midoriso


The receipt is located at the left just after entrance.

Please buy a ticket for spa at the machine.

receipt office of midoriso


After handing a ticket to staff, please go to the spa as guided by signboards.



Enjoy walking along the path by Midori Pond.

Path along the pond

Path along the pond


Here is the entrance of male spa.

entrance to male spa


Spa for Men “Shiinoki Buro”

This is the place to take off your clothes.

Place to take off clothes Place to take off clothes


Luckily I found that I was the only guest to take the bath at that time.

Beautiful sunlights cast between branches of trees.

Male spa of Midoriso


Facility of Spa

Please wash the body here briefly before you take the bath.

Kakeyu water of Midoriso


Cold water

cold water


Shampoo, conditioner and body sorp.

Nearby notice told not to use those sorps because the natural spa has power to remove dirts from the body.

Shampoo, conditioner and body sorp


Bamboo backets.

Bamboo backets


Natural hot water is coming from the stone mouth.

hot water coming from stone mouth


Let’s take bath!

Spa of Midoriso use only its private hot spring.

I felt great happiness in taking the bath surrounded by great nature.

hot spring of midoriso

hot spring of midoriso

hot spring of midoriso

Maple trees turned red in autumn.

The beauiful scenery changes according to different season. I want to come here in different season next time.

scenery from spa of midoriso


I looked upt the sky from the bath.

Autumn mountain trees were beautiful.

autumn trees seen from midoriso spa

Beautiful sunlight was casting between countless leaves of maple trees.

maple trees

Every time wind blows, the suble noises of leaves relaxed my mind.

maple trees looked from midoriso spa

When I saw beautiful autumn sky from the bath, I felt as if my body would melt into sky.

beautiful scenery from midoriso spa



I took the video of the bath for you so that you can feel its wonderful atmosphere.


Public Bath (Uchiyu)

You can also take the public bath near the outdoor spa.

entrance of puclic bath of midoriso


Entrance of puclic bath.

entrance of puclic bath of midoriso


This is the place to take clothes. Lockers are available for your belongings.

midoriso spaHot water of the public bath is the blend of the Midoriso’s spa and Fukuage town.

I could not take the picture of Uchiyu since other guests were enjoying the bath.

I could enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Midori pond from the windows of the bath.


Family Bath (Kazokuyu)

The other day I took 2 months old baby to Midoriso, but we could not take the bath together because the spa water might be too hot for our baby.


Spa’s Health Effect

Chronic arthritis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Diabetes, Dermatosis, Chronic gynecology


Midoriso Information


About 60 minutes from Kagoshima City by car. Free parking lot is available.

Open Hour

10:00-19:30(Receipt untill 19:00)Holiday is not designated

Spa Fee

Adult 600 yen(Under 12 year old 300 yen)

Home Page



910 Yunoura, Hukiage-cho, Hioki City


Beautiful natural Onsen (spa)

※The information is as of November 2016. Please refer to the update information at the home page.


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