Iso Swimming Beach : Marine Sports in front of Mt . Sakurajima



I introduce a famous swimming beach in Kagoshima City. Iso Swimming Beach is located near the Senganen Park. The view of the volcano Sakurajima from the beach is beautiful. 🙂


Iso Swimming Beach

You can enjoy various marine sports in front of Mt. Sakurajima. I took the video of the beach to tell you about the scenery of the beach. Luckily someone enjoys yatcht at the beach.

Beach is crowded with many people! (I took the video from the Kagoshima City View Bus)

(Please be noted that the any fire activity including barbecue is prohibited at the beach). During summer season, the beach is crowded with many children and families. Available facilities include shower, toilets, changing rooms and coin lockers.

 You can enjoy fishing sillaginoid,, flatheads, sea breams at the south tip of the beach.

 There are many Jumbo-Mochi (soy-flavored rice cake) shops along the street near the beach. The Jumbo-Mochi is the traditional food in Kagoshima and please get a taste of it.


Swimming makes you hungry.Why not enjoy having Jumbo Mochi in viewing Mt.Sakurajima?

Also, Senganen Park (Shimadzu Clan’s Traditional Japanese Garden), Shoko-Shuseikan Museum and Ijinkan (Old Western style houses for foreigh engineers).



Famous Event

Open Water Swimming Champion Ship is held every year since 1987.


In this event, 4 participants make 1 team and swim about 4.2 km from Sakurajima to Iso beach. I think that it must be very hard to swim for a long distance. But if you can swim, I believe that you will get great confidence in yourself. 2 elementary schools (Shimizu School and Matsubara School) at Kagoshima City also have held a similar event, in which school children swim 4.2 km between Sakurajima and Iso Beach for more than 70 years.  How energetic those children are!


Access to Iso Beach

If you come to Iso Beach by bus, it is convenient to take “Kagoshima City View Bus”. The bus takes you to the close bus stop “Iso Kaisui Yokujo Mae” near the beach only during summer.

If you come to the beach by bus, please stop your car at coin parking lots.




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