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I found a nice place for lunch and cafe break when I was walking at the Chiran Samura Residence. The name of the restaurant is called La Cheumiere and it has the appearance of traditional Japanese home.


Arrival on La Cheumiere

The restaurant is located in the area of Chiran Samurai Residence. At a first glance, the restaurant gave me an impression as if I went to my grandmother’s home. The name of the restaurant is literally means “a small home in countryside”. The name itself exactly express how the restaurant is.

la cheumiere

I was guided to a counter seat. Later, I learned that the a mother, a sister and a brother ran the restaurant. The appearance of the restaurant is completely that of traditional Japanese home at countryside and I felt odd that such restaurant provides Western lunch.The atmosphere is calm and relaxing.

la cheumiere

It seemed that many of guests booked their seats before they came to the restaurant. Probably I was the only person who came without booking. All seats were occupied soon after my arrival. So, I recommend you to make booking before you come here.(TEL : 0993-83-2626)



I ordered a lunch set (1,500 yen). Appetizer is rice wrapped with black cabbages. The scent is fresh and the taste is sour anchovy.

I enjoyed the colorful lunch. It was cold February when I visited Chiran Samurai Residences, but I felt warm as if Spring had already come.





Bread & Soup

Soup is made of purple cauliflower. The soup is a little bit sour and matches soft and warm home-made bread.

bread and soup of lacheumiere

Because many guest came to this popular restaurant, it took a little time until main dish was served. Shop staff kindly apologized me for the delay and game me another slice of bread. I was really appreciated by their kindness.



You can choose fish or meat for the main dish. I selected fish and this poeler of sea bream was served. Steaming fish and small cabbage are so nice!




3 kinds of small cute dessert are on the plate : ice cream, chocolate brawny and madeline. I really loved them especially because the brawny’s inside chocolate was still warm and the contrast of crispy skin and soft inside of steaming madeline was very nice.


Hot coffee was served at the end of lunch.


When I left the restaurant, shop staff politely apologized me for the delay of the main dish again. I was not concerned about it at all, but touched by the polite manner of shop staff. I will surely take my wife and my daughter next time I visit Chiran Samurai Residence (I could not take them this time because my wife was pregnant and my daughter was still not born at that time.)

Thanks to the delicious lunch of La Cheumiere, I could returned to viewing Samurai Residence with a happy feeling.



  • The shop is very popular and crowded at weekends. It is wise to make booking prior to your arrival.
  • When you come sightseeing at the Chiran Samurai Residence, it is nice to choose restaurants as follows : “La Cheumiere” for Western foods, “Takian” for Japanese foods and “Cafe de ho” for cafe break.

Information of La Cheumiere

  • Lunch time : 11:00-14:00
  • Dinner time : 18:30-, LO 21:30
  • Holiday : Wednesday
  • Address:Ko’ori 6293-1, Chirancho, Minamikyushu City
  • TEL: 0993-83-2626
  • The restaurant is located in the area of the Chiran Samurai Residence. Please find the following signboard. Free parking lot is available.


Map of La Cheumiere

French lunch in Chiran Samurai Residences


Nearby Cafe


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