Year 2019/2020 Kagoshima Illumination Series



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This article introduces beautiful illumination spots in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

How about enjoying beautiful illumination with your loved one?



Kagoshima Illuminations

Flower Park Kagoshima (Ibusuki City)

There are many beautiful flowers accoring to each season.


Minato Odori Park(Kagoshima City)

Fountain and lights create fantastic illumination.


Amu Plaza Kagoshima(Kagoshima Chuo Station)

Huge version of Kagoshima’s traditional art emerges in front of the station.


Dolphin Port(Kagoshima City)

Many shining colorful dolphins are swimming.


Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima(Kagoshima City)

Romantic illumination and night view of Kagoshima creates a fantastic world.


Tenmonkan Park(Kagoshima City)

Tenmonkan Park is decorated with many beautiful illumination. Shining train captivates the hearts of small children.