Cafe Zenzai – Japanese Sweets at Samurai-Style Cafe – Aira City, Kagoshima



We visited a traditional Japanese-style cafe at Kamo Town, Aira City. The cafe is only 5 minutes from Kamo-no-Okusu (The biggest tree in Japan). Please a visit to the cafe when you come to see the tree. 


Kamo Saro Zenzai

The cafe building has a long history over 100 years from Edo era.

蒲生茶廊下 zenzai

You can enjoy the atmosphere of traditional Japanese house, while having healthy lunch and sweets.


Tokusei Zenzai

My wife ordered “Tokusei Zenzai” (630 yen).

Zenzai is a Japanese traditional sweet soup made of red beans and rice cakes.

The salty cherry blossom creates wonderful flavor at the center of the soup.

The taste is gentle and relaxes you.

When I ate it, I had a feeling as if I came back to my old grandmother’s home…

Umeboshi (Salty dried plum) is added as a relish.

Unique SAMURAI Parfait

I ordered the Samurai parfait (regular size : 860 yen)

The Chinese character reads “Samurai”.

The main color of the parfait is black. Samurai likes the black color which represents simplicity.

For your information, many Samurai used to live around the area of the cafe in the past.

サムライパフェ 蒲生

The parfait is not so sweet, so  I thought that both children and adults would love the parfait.

I was moved by the delicious taste of parfait…!


The parfait has regular size (860 yen) and small size (520 yen).

If you are going to have lunch at the cafe, I recommend you to have a small size.

Here is the explanation of each layer of SAMURAI Parfait.

・Chocolate biscuit & banana

・Raspberry vanilla ice cream (very delicious!)

・Whipped cream & cereals

・Coffee jelly

・Chocolate ice cream

・Chocolate mousse

Because we arrived at the cafe after 14:00, could not eat lunch.

We are going to have lunch next time we visit the cafe.


Biscuit Souvenirs

We bought some biscuits when we leave the cafe.

They have a soft flavor of soy beans. They must be very healthy, we think.


Butters are not used for those biscuits.

Whole part of the vegetables (including skins) are used as ingredients. So, those biscuits are super healthy (and delicious, of course). 

Videos of Cafe Zenzai

Appearance of the cafe and zenzai soup.

Samurai Parfait (My most favorite!)

It is very good to have sweets in Japanese atmosphere, which brings you back to old Samurai era of Japanese feudal time.

Access to Cafe Zenzai

Many traditional Samurai houses surrounds the are of Cafe Zenzai.

It is a good idea to take a walk after you enjoy sweets at the cafe. 🙂

  • Transportation:Walk 5 minutes from Kamo Yahata Shrine
  • TEL:0995-52-1164
  • Address:Kamigyutoku 2425, Kamo, Aira City, Kagoshima, Japan
  • Open : 11:00-17:00(Lunch Last Order 14:00)
  • Holiday: Every Monday


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