Himiko Shrine : Benefits for Love, Study, Family Safety at Kirishima City, Kagoshima, Japan


Himiko Shrine is located at Kirishima City and worships empress Himiko of Yamataikoku, historical Japanese state thought to have existed during the late Yayoi period.

If you are interested in Japanese history, please make a visito to the shrine.



Access & Parking Lot

It takes about 15 minutes from Hiyato Higashi IC or Kagoshima Airport.

There is a free large parking lot in front of the shrine.

Following photo shows the entrance to the shrine. There is Himiko Shrine on left side and a parking lot on right side.



Shrine Gate

Small shrine gate stands in forests. There is no person in the building.


This boards explains the history of the shrine.



Purification Place

Water pump is broken.



Shrine Building

The building is relatively new.




There is a statue which might be the empress Himiko near the main building.



Shrine Gods


Himiko is the empress of Yamataikoku, which is said to be the country in ancient period.


Himikoko is the kingu of Kunakoku, which was in fight with Yamataikoku.



According to the old record of China, there is a country called “Yamataikoku” in Japan in the 3rd century and the empress Himiko ruled the country.

Kunakoku is ruled by the king Himikoko and was always in fight with the Yamataikoku.

According to the explanation board of the Himiko Shrine, the king Himikoko has the relation ship with the God “Hoori” which is worshiped at Kagoshima Jingu Shrine.


There are 2 theories regarding the place of Yamataikoku.

But nobody knows the exact place.

Personally I would be happy if Yamataikoku was located in Kagoshima, but strangely enought Himiko Shrine was built at this place even though no historical evidence was found.


Shrine Seal

There is no shrine office.


Information of Himiko Shrine


Hayatocho, Kirishima City, Kagoshima, Japan



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