Healthy Lunch at Uearata, Kagoshima City, Japan



I have been very anxious about my fat over new year holidays. So, I searched for healthy lunch restaurant on internet. Luckily I found the nice restaurant “Greengrocer’s Kitchen”!

The restaurant is very close to Kagoshima University (Korimoto Campus) on google map, so I thought that its neighborhood would be very crowded with students. But on the contrary, the restaurant is located at the quiet residence town.

Greengrocer's Kitchen

I found that the restaurant is spacious and relaxing. I am curious about inside.

I am going to eat this lunch of 900 yen. (select 2 salads, select 1 main dish and mixed grain rice or bread).

Greengrocer's Kitchen


Elegant atmosphere created by a plain floor and wooden chairs and tables.

Greengrocer’s Kitchen

Mild sunshine enters from big windows and warmth of wooden furniture relaxed me.



Order and Payment

Staff kindly opened the door for us. She asked me to order lunch and pay money first.

I ordered lunch set (900 yen) and selected 2 salads, 1 main dish and mixed grain rice (you can also select soft French roll or croissant).

All of those small dishes are colorful and look delicious!


I selected one from the above section and another from lower section.


Greengrocer’s Kitchen

You don’t have to order lunch set to eat them, but you can order each of them. I wonder how delicious the healthy smoothy drink is…

You can choose main and side dishes according to your feeling and health condition of the day.

Staff told me to wait about 20 minutes until main dish was cooked, but I enjoyed chatting with my friend and the time passed very quickly.


Popular Self-Style Water Server

Recently I noticed one thing. Many restaurants put self-water server inside and ask customers to help themselves if they want to drink water.

Stylish server is placed at this Greengrocer’s Kitchen, too.


Customers can use small plates and forks if they want. It is a nice service if you take small children to the restaurant.


Relaxing Calm Atmosphere♪

We have not noticed that the kitchen loud noise is hardly heard from kitchen while we concentrated on our chatting.

Instead, we enjoyed listening to relaxing music.

The atmosphere is very pleasant for customers. I really like this place!

Greengrocer’s Kitchen

OK! Let’s enjoy the lunch set!


Colorful Lunch & Delicious Japanese Hamburg!


I chose menu of “pumpkin salad” and “shrimps and avogado with tartar sauce” for side dishes and chose  “Japanese hamburg” for main dish.♪


I love the taste and the flavor of its steam.

Taste was much clearer than I had expected and healthy ingredients delighted all cells of my body!

I could also enjoy the texture of healthy vegetables in my mouth.


All plates used for lunch set is simple but cute! Do they belong to plates of north Europe?

Those plates increase the colors and taste of the lunch set.


Crispy Fillet Pork Cutlet!


My friend ordered “Pumpkin Salad” and “Kinpira Burdock (burdocks in sugar and soy source)” for side dishes and “Pork Fillet Cutlet” for main dish.

The cutlet looks so crispy that I decided to have the cutlet next time I come here.

There was no soup but I wondered if how it be if soup is served…



  • Open Hour:10:30 – 22:00 (Last Order 21:30, Lunch until 14:30)
  • Holiday:Wednesday
  • Address:Uearatacho 30-5, Kagoshima City
  • TEL: 099-296-1670
  • Home Page




Tram…Get off at City Hospital or Arata-Hachiman Shrine and walk for 10 minutes.

Open Hour

10:30 – 22:00 (L.O.21:30, Lunch until 14:30)

※ Holiday : Wednesday



Home Page



30-5 Uearata-cho, Kagoshima City


Delicious healthy lunch

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