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Delicious local food in Kagoshima Amami-No-Keihan (Chicken rice soup)!


I introduce a delicious local food in Kagoshima, Japan!
This is the traditional food “Keihan” (formal name is “Amami-no-Keihan”)

Keihan – traditional food in Kagoshima

The rice soup is from Amami Islands, south of Kagoshima prefectures.

The main ingredient of the food is chicken.


The cuisine uses all parts of a whole chicken (chicken meats, eggs and bones for soup).

The soup rice is very nutritious!


Keihan vs Ochazuke

It is a bit similar to Japanese Ochazuke (rice with tea poured on it), but much more delicious than Ochazuke!

Following picture is Ochazuke.


Please see the following photo of Keihan.


Keihan is much more colorful and looks more delicious than Ochazuke!


Keihan – ingredients

Put thinly shredded egg omelet, shredded radish pickles, shredded Shiitake mashrooms and slices of steamed chickens on hot rice. Then pour chicken soup into the rice.

Actually, the rice soup is the most popular school lunch among students in Kagoshima.

I have been a great fan of Keihan since I am a primary school student!


Where to eat Keihan?

Are you interested in having the rice soup? You can eat this rice soup at breakfast of Kagoshima’s hotels!

This is the most traditional and delicious restaurant in the Naze City, Amami Island, Kagoshima, Japan!

Map of Minatoya

If you are in Kagoshima City, this restaurant is a nice place to have Keihan, too!


(AM 10:00- PM 23:00)  Map of Amami-no-Sato

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