Japanese Restaurant SAZEN – Delicious SOBA noodle & TEMPURA! –


If you visit Kagoshima and want to taste REAL soba noodles, SAZEN is the restaurant where you must come!
Many local Kagoshima people come to this restaurant.


My uncle loves Soba noodles very much.
He said this restaurant serves the most delicious Soba.

Soba is a famous food in Japan.

It is a kind of buckwheat noodles.
It is nutritious and have good scents.


This restaurant serves TEMPURA in front of you.
Tempura is a famous Japanese food, too.
It is deep-fried fishes and vegetables.

You can eat very fresh and delicious Tempura together with Soba noodles in this restaurant!


This restaurant has a cool Japanese garden.
The appearance of its building in a bamboo forests takes you back to Edo era of Japan!
You can enjoy traditional Japanese foods in a comfortable Japanese atmosphere.

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