Kagoshima Traditional Cuisine! Come to eat delicious Soup RIce and Kurobuta Pork!川辺道の駅


When I go out for driving, I sometimes stop at Kawanabe-Michino-Eki (Parking Area to take Rest)

You can have delicious Kagoshima traditional foods here.





Introduction of Kagoshima traditional foods!


1) Amami-no-keihan (Chicken Soup Rice with poke and pickles)

keihan rice

This is the traditional food in Amami Island, south of Kagoshima.

Kagoshima is famous for production of Satsuma chicken.


Their eggs and meat are very nutritious.

In the country area of Kagoshima, you can buy their eggs at unattended shops.

(Please see the article for unattended shops.)

I found the video of the rice soup. Please watch and enjoy!


Deep Fried Kurobuta (Kagoshima Poke)

Kagoshima is famous of production of black pigs (Kurobuta)


Their pork is more nutritious than other normal one.

Some people like the pork so much that they call it “Black Pearl” or “Black Treasure”.

When you come to Kagoshima, NEVER forget to eat Kurobuta Pork!

(some people making a video about how to eat Kurobuta)

These men are very funny!


Let’s visit unique restaurant!

You can find many interesting local handcrafts and unique production in addition to delicious local traditional foods!


It takes about 30 minutes from Kagoshima City by a car.

It is the best to visit here on your way to southern part of the Satsuma Peninsula.



Kagoshima Love!