TAKAYA-SANRYO – Tomb of Ancestral God Hoori, Grandfather of 1st Emperor – (Kirishima City)



The first emperor of Japan is Jinmu. His grandfather is Hoori and Hoori’s tomb is located at Mizobe town of Kirishima City.


Ancestral Gods of Japan’s Emperor and Their Tombs

There are 3 tombs sacred Gods in Kagoshima Prefecture. They governed the Japan before 1st emperor Jinmu. I made the following table to explain their family relationship.

Relation Name Worshiped Shrine (City) Tomb (City)
Great Grandfather Ninigi Kirishima JinguNitta Shrine(Satsuma Sendai) Enoyama-Sanryo(Satsuma Sendai)
Grandfather Hoori Kagoshima Jingu(Kirishima) Takaya-Sanryo (Kirishima)
Father Ugayafukiaezu Udo Shrine(Nichinan, Miyazaki Pref.) Aira-Sanryo(Kanoya)
Emperor Jinmu    

Great Grandfather “Ninigi” is the nephew of the God Amaterasu.


Steps to Tomb

After enjoying foot bath at Shiobitashi Hot Spring Park, we visited the Takaya-Sanryo near Kagoshima Airport.

Takaya-Sanryo is the tomb of the God Hoori who is the grandfather of 1st Japan’s Emperor Jinmu.

Takaya-Sanryo is located only 5 minutes from the Kagoshima Airport by car.

Forests of huge pine trees creates spiritual atmosphere. The airport is close from hear but I could hear the noises of airplane at all.

We arrived at the parking lot of Takaya-Sanryo (following picture).

parking lot of takaya-sanryo

entrance of takaya-sanryo

This stone stairs have as many as 200 steps! It can be very hard for elderly or disabled people.

step of takaya-sanryo

Since our baby was with us, we gave up taking the stairs to the tomb.

step of takaya-sanryo

But never mind. There is another way to the tomb and you don’t to have to this long steep stairs.


Another Route

You can visit to the tomb from the west side of the mountain and avoid the steep stairs.

Following picture is the monument which stands at a parking lot to indicate the western entrance.

(The lot can accommodates about 10 cars.)


We walked about 300m from the parking lot.

Car and bikes are prohibited to enter.

West path of Takaya-SanryoI took the picture of the tomb from the western path.

It was an untouched nature. Wild trees stand and the atmosphere was sacred.

The air of the mountain was very fresh.


I could see Mt. Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay in a distance.

The view was magnifiscent.

Cool autumn winds were comfortable.

view from Takaya-Sanryo

This is the entrance of Takaya-Sanryo.

We felt a bit nervous to enter this sacred field of the God, Hoori.

western entrance of Takaya-Sanryo

If you take the steep stairs, the following view of the tomb welcome you!


I could hear nothing except for the whistling sounds of tree.


Imperial Household Agency directly administers Takaya-Sanryo.


We made a prayer to the ancestral God of Japan, “Hoori”.



My Commets

Three sacred tomb of ancestral Gods are all located in Kagoshima Prefecture.

I felt very relaxed and refreshed in the solemn atmosphere of the Takaya-Sanryo.

I hope you also make a visit to this wonderful place and feel its spiritual air.


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Lunch near Takaya-Sanryo


Travel Information

Please be noted that there is no toilet facility at Takaya-Sanryo.


About 5 minutes from Kagoshima Airport by car. Free parking lot is available.


Sacred Tomb of Grandfather of Japan's 1st Emperor

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