Southernmost Train Station in Japan – “Nishioyama Station” in Ibusuki City –



Nishioyama Station is the most southern train station in Japan. The station is located at Yamagawa town of Ibusuki City. Beautiful countryside scenery surrounds the strain station. Especially the view of Mt. Kaimon is wonderful!


Visit to Nishioyama Station!

The famous Japanese music group SMAP (Nakai & Kimura) has visited the train station.

After their visit, the popularity of the station has increased among tourists.

nishioyama station

You can have the spectacular view of Mt. Kaimon (924m)from the station. Especially sunset is the best time.

volcano kaimon

The memorial of the southernmost station. I finally arrived here!

southernmost train station

The latitude of the station is 31.11.


The latitude is about the same as Texas City of the US and Hanzhou of China.

Nanohana flowers are beautiful between the end of December to February.

You will feel as if you are in the dream world!

Nanohana flower

Sunflowers are in full-bloom in the summer. My wife are very glad in the middle of flower fields (following picture).

sunflower field



Station Video

We took the following video on our visit to the station. 🙂

Sunset view of Mt. Kaimon. The location is very close to the station. I wish if I could appreciate this sunset scenery while enjoying a glass of Shochu!


Yellow Post for Happiness

The color of posts are usually red in Japan. But…

The color of the post at Nishioyama Station is yellow.

The post is said to deliver happiness.

yellow post

The signboard near the post says as follows :

The yellow post delivers happiness. The post at the southernmost station in Japan. Why not send letters to friends, family and lover with full of love?

You can buy postcards and postage stamps at the travel guide station near the train station.


Enjoy Cycling near Station

Beautiful fields surround the Nishioyama Station.

You can also go on a cycling near the station.

There are beautiful coasts, sand bath and ocean view spa.

You can rent a electric bicycle at the travel guide station.

(500 yen for 2 hours, 1,000 yen for 4 hours, long than 4 hours for 1,500 yen)

Travel Spots near Nishioyama Station

Mt. Kaimon

Healthy Land(Spa with great view of East China Ocean)

Kaimon Sanroku Herb Garden(Herb Lunch & Scent)

Yamagawa Geothermal Plant

Nagasaki Bana

Flower Park Kagoshima

Sand Bath “SAYURI”



Sation Information


1.5 hours from Kagoshima Chuo Station by bus or train. About 20 minutes from Ibusuki Station.

Train Time Table


Open Hour(Travel Guide Station)

8:00 – 17:00 (No Holiday)


Most Southern JR Station in Japan

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