History & Culture

Statue of Komatsu Tatewaki (Kagoshima City) Great Contributor to Meiji Restoration

Statue of Komatsu Tatewaki stands face to face with that of Saigo Takamori.

Kagoshima Yataimura – Let’s Come Here after Arrival at Kagoshima Chuo Station –

You can get taste of various delicious local foods of Kagoshima at Kagoshima Yataimura. You can also communicate with lo...
Hot Springs

Natural Hot Spring near Tenmonkan – Enjoy Spa at the middle of Kagoshima City –

I introduce 5 popular hot springs in Kagoshima City. All of them are popular among local people in Kagoshima. Please ref...
History & Culture

Statue of Okubo Toshimichi – Friend and Rival of Saigo Takamori –

When it comes to Kagoshima, many Japanese people think of Saigo Takamori and him.
ramen noodle

Kagoshima Ramen TONTORO @ Tenmonkan Arcade – Soft KUROBUTA Pork & Half Boiled Egg –

The ramen noodle of TONTORO is put with delicious Kurobuta pork. Once you eat it, you will be a fun of the ramen.
History & Culture

Memorial of Loyal Retainers of Satsuma Domain – Great Ancestors of Kagoshima –

80 Satsuma domains retainers lost lives for the water control work of other prefectures. I felt a strong friendship betw...
ramen noodle

Kuroiwa Ramen Honten – Traditional Ramen Noodle Shop at Tenmonkan (Kagoshima City) – popular shop among local people

I visited a popular ramen noodle shop "Kuroiwa Ramen". Speaking of ramen noodle, many people would think about the shop!
History & Culture

Xavier Park (Kagoshima City)

Kagoshima and Father Francisco Xavier has close relationship. I remember that in my school days I memorized the year "15...
Event & Festival

Ogiongsa Festival (2016) – Big Traditional Event in Kagoshima –

Ogionsa has been the traditional festival in Kagoshima since Edo period for the health and prosperity of people. As many...

Yanagawa Himuro – Delicious Soft Shaved Ice –

Kakigori or shaved ice is very delicious especially at summer season. I introduce you a very popular shaved ice shop at ...