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Volcano Sakurajima 394th Eruption (21 April 2015) Wind:NW 8m, Sunny

VOLCANO SAKURAJIMA erupted at 06:47 on 21 April 2015!
This is the 394th eruption in 2015!

I keep watching Sakurajima everyday!
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The wind blows from northwest to southeast.
The erupted smoke goes go the City. The ash will fall on the city.
I am sorry for them!


The volcano has been very active recently!
The number of the eruption is about to reach 400 very soon.
I predict that the number will exceed 1,000 this year.


I saw the glorious Sakurajima from the balcony of my apartment.
Morning sunlight blurred by thin clouds and create beautiful scenery.
I am lucky to be born in this wonderful place, Kagoshima!


It is getting warmer and warmer in Kagoshima.
The outside is full of beautiful flowers and trees!


I would be appreciated if you subscribe to my channel.
Kagoshima Channnel

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We take the videof Mt. Sakurajima every day. Please watch and enjoy!
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