Beautiful Volcano Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay




Glorious Morning of Sakurajima

Top of the volcano is covered with thick clouds. But, the surface of the sea is shining with beautiful sunlight.
I feel something sacred in seeing the scenery.

I feel as if God is coming from the heaven through dark clouds.


Shrine in Sakurajima

There is a shrine called “Tsukuyomi” in Sakurajima. The shrine worships Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto, the God of moon.


For your information, the God Tsukuyomi is the younger brother of Amaterasu who is the God of sun or the creator of Japan.

Beautiful sunshine makes me imagine God Amaterasu, while dark sky of the Sakurajima makes me imagine God Tsukuyomi.


The scenery depicts the small story of Gods.


My home’s Amaterasu

In my own case, my God is my wife.
I will take care of her so that she is satisfied with our life. I will keep working hard!

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